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Vendetta Online 1.8.426

VO 1.8.426 includes:

- New test-content in sector Latos F-12, featuring dynamic ship debris and a damaged Constellation "hulk". The new dynamic debris can be pushed around and impacted by explosions, and will physically interact with objects in the sector. The new "hulk" objects are intended to be used for upcoming dynamic gameplay of discovery, rescue, salvage and other situations.
- Fixed buffer overrun that could cause crashes at exit on some platforms, mainly Windows.

VO 1.8.426.1 also includes:
- Fixed a problem with Mac game launchers (if the launcher locks up, you may need to reinstall).
- Fixed a crash related to joysticks on recent Windows 10 installs.

The most interesting thing here is likely the new "damaged spaceship hulk" in Latos F-12 and the physically-modeled interactive debris field floating around it. The debris can be pushed off into space, so if you fly in when others are around, that may account for a reduction in visible debris. We're looking at adding a lot of different cases for this type of content, along with old "hulks" and "battle debris" that can be flown through and interacted with, which will play a major part in future missions and other content. Check it out!