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Vendetta Online 1.8.431

VO 1.8.431 includes:

- Your Home Station is now set to the station you're launching from if you're currently homed to a Training Station and you're no longer in the Training Sector.
- If you have a Training Blaster and you're not in a Training Sector, performing a Buy Back after your ship explodes replaces it with a free Government-Issued Plasma Cannon.
- Tilt calibration menu now displays the current tilt angle to help explain what it's doing.
- Updated Training IV Station Interface tutorial mission to refer to swiping on touchscreen devices that are using Condensed UI mode (mainly phones).
- In-App Purchasable item descriptions can now be canceled immediately instead of having to proceed to the given App Store's IAP menu and cancel from there.
- The exit nav point in Training Sectors no longer choose a point behind the large station asteroid.
- Fixed the direction of trackpad and mouse wheel scrolling on Mac OS X.
- Added a Show Password toggle in the account conversion menu to reduce mistakes when entering a password and confirming it.
- Fixed issue with XInput gamepads not getting their analog inputs set up properly on first detection on Windows.
- Fixed spickle error message in the errors.log file.

Lots of fixes and newbie improvements, with more to come, along with some upcoming announcements for iPhone.