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Vendetta Online 1.8.435-436

VO 1.8.436 included:

- New "Debris Test" sector in Latos D-14. This sector uses new asteroid-style debris, as opposed to exploded-ship and battle debris, but in much the same way these objects are physically interactive. The asteroid-derived debris has much higher mass than the ship paneling, as one might expect, but it will move if struck with enough force. We're still optimizing the performance of these kinds of sectors, to potentially use this type of content more widely in the galaxy.
- Fix for high-resolution asteroid on PC that was not loading correctly.

VO 1.8.435 included:

- New Centurion graphical ship assets, across all platforms.
- Fixed mouselook for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Some small content drops and graphics updates lately. We intend to use the new "physically interactive" debris and asteroid objects much more widely in the universe, but for starters we have to test their impact on server performance, and how they're working for players across different platforms. Hence, releasing them in remote one-off sectors for people to play around with.

More news coming soon. Have fun everyone!