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Vendetta Online 1.8.438

VO 1.8.438 includes:

- New Warthog graphics, with much higher polygonal detail and advanced shaders.
- New Weapon: Capital Rail Cannon, 10k damage, 25 grid power, 25,000Kg.
- Capital Swarm Missile damage increased from 850 to 3000, missile timeout increased from 25 to 30 seconds.
- Screamer Rocket energy requirement dropped from 60 to 30.
- Warthog MkII is now available at Sedina D-14.
- Fog has been removed from Sedina H9.
- Fullscreen mode on Mac OS works better with Spaces and switching between apps.
- Fixed certain OpenGL 4 shaders that were not properly renormalizing lighting calculations.

Various gameplay tweaks, plus a cool new look for the Warthog. More information coming soon in the next Newsletter.

If you're playing on the Mac, and have any issues with the new version, please let us know via the Forums or a Support Ticket. We'd like to iron out any Mac issues as soon as possible. Thanks!

Have a great weekend, everyone.