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Vendetta Online website changes.

We've recently updated to the Vendetta Online website to drop support for certain old browser connection standards that are no longer considered secure. The web in general will be phasing out "TLS 1.0" in June of 2018, and we're just getting a little bit of a head-start. Similarly, we have also dropped support for 3DES encryption, which had been kept around for a few people on older browsers.

The Vendetta-Online website is "secure all the time", and has been for some years. Because of this, there is no "un-encrypted" version of the site that can be used by people with older browsers. If a device or browser is too old, it will simply fail to connect to our site at all.

So, if you own an older Android device and find you can't connect to the website using the ancient, built-in "Browser", then consider installing Chrome or Firefox from the Play Store. If you have an old PC or Mac, consider downloading a new browser. There are modern, updated browsers available for practically every internet-capable platform, even MacOS 9 and other "retro" desktop systems. A modern, up-to-date web browser will make your usage of the internet much more secure.

For the average person who is reading this, and isn't using the default browser on a 5-year-old phone: don't worry about this. It probably doesn't affect you at all.