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Vendetta Online 1.8.446

VO 1.8.446 includes:

- Enhanced gamepad support across all Android platform devices. The "sensitivity curve" of the analog sticks are now defaulting to a different, improved curve, but can be switched back to "linear" (previous default) or "cube-root" alternative curves. This should enhance flight control when using gamepads on Android devices. There is also now a slightly larger default "dead-zone" for game controllers, which should help situations where game controllers have manufacturing flaws. If necessary, the dead-zone of the analog sticks can now be adjusted in Options -> Advanced -> Controllers -> Calibration.
- Auto-jettison will no longer print spurious errors when using multiple mining beams.
- Proximity Notification will now properly show the Nation and other information about inbound players, under all circumstances.
- Guild Tags have been added to Proximity Notification messages.
- Neutron MkIII availability has been adjusted, should now function correctly for those with +600 Valent.
- The enterturret command should now work for all gunners, regardless of whether they're they local ship owner, or were invited, or simply docked.

Hopefully this update will resolve some of the Gamepad frustrations and challenges on Android, although we'll appreciate continued feedback on any problems people encounter.

Otherwise, mostly bugfixes and small improvements of the recent "plugin replacement" feature additions. More news to come, stay tuned!