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Server Side Update

Tonight's server update includes the following change:

- Exploits involving disconnection or duplicate-reconnection during mid-jump, usually for the purposes of avoiding a pursuing attacker, have been more extensively mitigated. Some of these mitigation techniques are old, some are new, but we've gone to some lengths to make them more consistent and robust for both Fighters and Capital ships:

* If a player disconnects mid-jump, a "proxy" ship controlled by the remote sector will be spawned in their place (with their ship and cargo), and will remain there until timing out normally (1 minute for fighters, 5 minutes for capships). This proxy ship may not spawn until up to a minute after the player's jump, so if another pilot is in hot pursuit, and then finds their target has "disappeared" during jump, the pursuer should have patience for up to a minute.

* Attempts at duplicate-reconnection to knock off existing connections while mid-jump will immediately spawn the replacement proxy ship in the destination sector, until the second player connection is able to establish control.

* In all cases, a disconnection mid-jump will always result in the disconnected player being placed in the destination sector.

* In all cases, if the disconnected user should re-connect while the proxy ship is "standing in" for them, they will re-establish control of their ship.

This kind of development will be on-going, as we look to shore up and improve some areas of gameplay prior to the launch on Steam. As always, feedback is welcome, particularly if Bugs are found (please post to the Bugs forum, or submit via Support Tickets if you think there is a risk of bug exploitation). Thanks all!