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Vendetta Online 1.8.469-470

VO 1.8.470 included:
- Behemoth and Atlas class vessels now mention their Turret capabilities in the description.
- Latos D-14 is now more dangerous.
- Flight stick Throttle axis is now saved properly on Android.
- Fixed velocity direction indicator API functions.
- Added further mitigation of spy bots. If you run another type of bot, be sure it stays docked to a single station.
- Added code to mitigate capship turret firing delay exploits.

VO 1.8.469 included:
- Added optional display of guild tags in Nearby Players list in the Sensor Log. It defaults to on and can be changed in Options -> Interface -> Show Guild Tag in Sensor Log.
- Added optional display of a velocity direction indicator on the HUD. It defaults to hidden and can be changed in Options -> Interface -> HUD Settings -> Show Velocity Direction Indicator.

For modders, the size, color, and icon can be changed with the new lua functions radar.SetVelocityDirIconSize(<number>) radar.SetVelocityDirIcon('iconfilename') and radar.SetVelocityDirIconColor(r,g,b,a,'&') (r,g,b,a are between 0 and 1 and the '&' sets the blend mode to pre-multiplied alpha blend)