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Vendetta Online 1.8.475

VO 1.8.475 includes:

- Fixed issue with mining beam effect not staying connected to ships.
- Fixed memory leak.
- Goliath powercell grid changed from 125 to 55
- Hive Queen top speed increased from 140 to 180
- Hive Queen turbo thrust increased from 1640 to 16400
- Hive Queen braking thrust increased from 1290 to 12900
- Stronghold-specific Hive Queen blaster powercell drain increased from 80 to 160
- TPG Goliath description changed to remove the term "freighter", as all VO ships are multi-role.

Still a lot of technical work going on in the background, major changes and improvements to the physics engine, which could have far-reaching implications for future large-scale gameplay.