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Vendetta Online 1.8.490

VO 1.8.490 includes (06/28/19):

- Aim and Throttle touch regions now have variable sensitivity, with a separate bar that may be adjusted for each field to raise or lower the control sensivity levels.
- Default sensitivity settings for Aim and Throttle touch regions have been improved. To restore classic functionality, set the sensitivity levels to 2x in Controls -> Touch.
- Aim and Throttle touch regions are now optionally set inwards a little to reduce the chance that the Android Menu bar is activated. Enabled by default for phone form factor devices.
- Sensor Notification is now enabled by default for new users, and set to "Player Only".
- Changed "entered the sector" sensor notification text "entered your radar range".
- The "Touch" tab is now selected by default on Touch platforms, when entering the Controls menu.
- Renamed and moved various Interface HUD touch settings to Controls -> Touch.
- Fixed issue with Field of View not being fully restored when entering sectors using First-person Cinematic Camera Mode.
- Fixed issue with Text To Speech volume control not functioning properly on Oculus Go.

Basically, this may be the biggest single improvement in mobile/touch game usability that we've made in a long time. It covers a number of areas, including the discovery of a long-standing bug in the touch control UI, and a lot of small improvements to help people configure things to best suit their particular play style.

No, we have not integrated a fully-configurable UX yet (a-la DroidButtons), but this should at least be a big help in the meantime.

If you run across any bugs, please post them to the Bugs forum. Have a great weekend, everyone!