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Vendetta Online 1.8.523-524, Uncapped Freemium on All Platforms

Some pretty major changes in tonight's release. Here are the patches from the last couple of weeks:

VO 1.8.524 includes:
- Secure In-App Purchase is now available in the game-client, on native PC platforms, using Guild Software's existing in-house credit card handling. See in-game Options for details.
- Freemium gameplay access is now possible from all platforms, including PC, along with the usage of Crystal.
- Freemium is now the default for new PC accounts, instead of Trial.
- Freemium and Lite accounts may now submit Events.
- Freemium and Lite accounts may now create Guilds, and serve as Council.
- All level caps have been removed for Lite and Freemium players.
- Lite Members now gain access to build and use Goliath-class capital ships (also retains 50% higher daily crystal limits from bots).
- Technically, all players may now construct Capital Ship components, but final assembly and usage is limited by membership tier.
- Added more internal analytics to help monitor the changes. On-going business model changes may be expected (crystal tweaks, etc).
- Premium access still includes: Tridents, less aggressive AFK logoff, LTS benefits, etc. New content will be added to the Premium tier, along with other benefits.

(Last week on 08/07):

VO 1.8.523 included:
- First-gen, non-public testing of a new cross-platform "In App Purchasing" system, tied to our own billing backend.
- Security updates and improvements for the game client, related to upcoming IAP features.
- Fixed problem on Windows causing threaded renderer to not properly utilize systems with non power-of-two core counts.
- Mitigated a rare concurrency issue with threaded job system.
- Players now respawn more quickly after death, particularly for high-ping players.
- Network protocol "streaming" mode is now enabled when a player leaves a sector, for faster transitions on high-ping connections.

Obviously, tonight's release includes very significant changes to the game's business model and availability, which have been planned for a very long time and we're happy to see them finally released.

We'll be discussing them in greater detail in the next Newsletter. Stay tuned!