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Vendetta Online 1.8.537-538

VO 1.8.538 (tonight) includes:
- Some capital ships now leave behind hulks when they explode, which persist for 24 hours in the universe. Hulks do not appear in sectors with stations.
- Unaligned pirate capital ships now patrol the debris field, instead of staying still.
- Blockade convoy capital ships now stay near the wormhole when the sector restarts, instead of always coming in from 5000m.
- Leviathan hive skirmish missions have been reverted to re-starting even if players are in the sector, leading to Queens respawning more often.
- Fixed issue with player capship turret list is sometimes being empty.
- Fixed issue with current ship's weapon group loadout not getting saved and used when buying back your last ship.
- Any changes to weapon groups while in flight are now applied when buying back your last ship.

VO 1.8.537 (last week) included:
- Corrected the Corporate Sector Run 4-hour notification text to say 4 hours instead of 1 hour.
- Corvus Strikeforce should now chase a TempKoS player when they launch from a Corvus station.
- Ship Unequip actions now check for available storage space and prompt to rent more when necessary.

A mixture of fixes and gameplay changes, as we continue to work on larger projects. The "hulk" feature has been a goal for a long time, and has some interesting long-term possibilities, like creating a more persistent history of battles in the game, as well as possible "locations" where people might hunt for drops, items, or special NPCs.

Have a great weekend, everyone.