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Server Side Updates - Capship Commands

First a brief recap: Last week we added a server-side update that caused "debris" to drop for capital ships, in addition to the "hulks" that were spawned on-destruction in the prior patch. The debris lasts for 24 hours, much like the hulks.

Tonight we've released a server-side update that enables additional commands which may be issued remotely to Capital Ships. The following commands may be issued to Capital Ships, via /msg, including:

park - Ship will hold position.

follow - Vessel will follow the owner, within the sector. It will not jump to other sectors.

follow "name" - Vessel will follow the given character, within the sector.

defend "name" - Vessel will attempt to defend the character against other Capital-scale attackers.

attack "name" - Vessel will attack other capital-scale ships, using only its primary equipped addon.

cease fire - Ship will cease any weapons fire and park in place.

patrol - Vessel will fly a circle through preset points in the given sector, it will not defend itself.

prepare for docking - Ship will turn the primary docking bay towards the location of the owner at the time when the command is issued. It will not "track" the owner's ship. The command can be issued multiple times if adjustments are needed.

mine - The vessel will mine using a mining beam equipped in the primary port. If the owner has a specific asteroid targeted on radar, the ship will mine that asteroid. If no asteroid is selected, then the capship randomly chooses an asteroid to mine (within 6km of the center of the sector).

All of the above commands will temporarily cease operation if the sector goes into an "offline" state, after the last player leaves the sector. Mining, patrolling and combat are not "simulated" in non-running sectors for player capital ships, at the moment. Whenever the sector is started again, by a player being present, the capital ship will be re-instated with whatever commands were last issued, and will pick up where it left off. Thus, a player will need to be present in a given sector for the capship to meaningfully mine, for instance.

Happy Holidays, everyone!