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Vendetta Online 1.8.545-546

VO 1.8.546 includes (last night):

- Enduring Titles now include a unique serial number per content type.
- Fixed issue with capship 'attack' command sometimes not working.
- Queens now attack fighters if no capships are in the area.
- Warning message regarding non-printable characters is no longer logged to the errors.log file.
- Fixed issue when attempting to enter a turret and launch from a capship at the same time.

VO 1.8.545 included (last week):

- New prototype UI for the Login, Character Select, and Options menus available on Windows. The previous skin can be selected in Options -> Interface -> UI Skin -> Platinum
- If a player's "Named" capship is destroyed and is not Enduring, the name is reserved for 30 days for the player to use again, during which it may not be taken by another player.
- Fixed an issue where the Strike Force would ignore a player's capship when a TempKoS is placed on the player.
- Fixed issue with Vulkan driver not using the correct window size when changing resolutions in window mode in Windows.
- Alt-Enter now works in the Vulkan driver in Windows.
- If the Vulkan driver crashes on Windows, the game will fail over to DirectX 11 the next time it is run.

The prototype UI on Windows is probably the biggest news, from last week. This is still very much a work in progress, but if anyone has any problems, please post to the Bugs Forum.

We're continuing to expand and improve on the Enduring Title concept, which has always been the intent, but has benefited from feedback on the Suggestions Forum as well.

Other substantial updates are in the works, but we'll discuss those when they're ready for release. Have a great weekend, everyone.