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Vendetta Online 1.8.548

VO 1.8.548 includes:

- Enduring Content History is now included in the /charinfo menu ("k") when targeting another player.
- Players can no longer dock to stations if they have weapon fire in-flight. This includes blasters, missiles, rockets, mines, etc. Conquerable stations and capships do not have this restriction.
- No-Fire Zone violations now cause Pillar of Society standing with the given faction to be reduced to Admire after the TempKoS expires.
- Sectors with Ion Storms are now un-monitored.

A whole series of different requested changes sourced from Suggestions over the last couple of months.

We have some pretty major work happening in the background (longer term), so we're trying to drop in a series of smaller Suggestions and and tweaks every week, if we can.

Have a great weekend, everyone!