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Vendetta Online 1.8.551, Server Side Updates

Tonight, the following server-side updates went live:

- Remote, player-owned capital ships are now correctly impacted by "TempKoS" states that are incurred by the owning player in other sectors.
- NPCs now have radar awareness limits, impacted by local phenomena (ion storms, etc). Mission NPCs are not affected, and Strike Forces have a long radar range.
- Latos economy tweaked to allow a limited period of static-price trading, before low quantity concerns cause the station to begin raising prices. This will likely continue to be adjusted.

Last week, VO 1.8.551 included:

- New Enduring Content mission, for Goliath owners.
- Enduring Content missions now require the capship to be named.
- Capship 'attack', 'defend', and 'follow' targets need to be in the radar range of the capship.
- Fixed issue with Interface menu being clipped with the font size is too large.
- Fixed typo in the Power Cell Blaster mission.

Please report any issues on the Bugs Forum (or via tickets, if exploitable), and any ideas around intentional changes or tweaks on the Suggestions Forum. Have a great weekend, all.