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Vendetta Online 1.8.555-557

VO 1.8.557 includes (today):
- Non-UIT stations in UIT space are no longer listed in the Galactic Best Prices if you are hated or KOS by the UIT.
- Fixed issue with invalid characters breaking chat text.
- Guild Commanders may now both add and remove Lieutentants, without Council oversight, using "/guild promote" or "/guild demote". The older "appoint" command has been removed.
- Guild internal voting has been changed, in a number of ways:
- A given Guild voting topic lasts two weeks from the time of the initial vote being cast, at which time the entire voting topic expires, along with all votes.
- Guild votes now persist across server restarts.
- Guild Council members are notified of new Voting topics on login and/or station docking, and see a display of the active topics, total vote counts for and against, voting options or status, and the expiration of the given topic.

VO 1.8.556 included (last week):
- Screamer Rocket energy firing requirements dropped from 30 to zero.
- Flechette cannons reduced in mass from 600kg to 500kg.
- Firefly homing missile ammo buffed from 6 to 12, and speed from 75 to 95 m/s.
- Self Defense timer for response to attacks in factional space changed from wall-clock to game-time.
- CSR race results now includes the ship type.
- Best Prices info is now updated immediately when a player launches from a capship.
- Fixed issue with players being able to lay mines and dock with certain stations.
- Fixed Gunner Kick command not kicking a player out of a turret.
- Fixed issue with Small Skirmish fighters not attacking Tridents.
- Fixed some player-transparent server-side issues, added more logging to certain cases.

VO 1.8.555 included (two weeks ago):
- Hulks and hulk debris now occlude player radar, allowing players to hide from one another behind hulks and debris.
- Enduring Content is now sorted first in their respective lists.
- Fixed Border and Hive skirmish NPCs not attacking opposing forces.
- Fixed bug with completed border skirmishes appearing in the available mission list.
- Fixed bug relating to messaging capital ships.

A number of substantial updates to Guild organization and management, tonight, which will hopefully be helpful. Feedback on Suggestions is always welcome, of course. We are going to be continuing to tweak things related to Guilds and other user-experience issues over the near term, particularly as we dig further into the updated interfaces and localization process.

Have a great weekend, everyone!