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Vendetta Online 1.8.643

VO 1.8.643 includes:
- Four new custom-made missions, available in various trees.
- Increased group size limit to 16. Group mining benefits are still limited to 8 members.
- Group list on the HUD is limited to 8 members, with an option in Interface -> HUD Settings to show all members.
- Sort order of group members has been changed to put all players first, followed by player-owned capships, with NPCs last.

This Group Size change has been requested for a long time, but was recently revived on the Suggestions Forum by players who enjoy participating in some of the recent Game Events. Larger player groups should improve the ability to coordinate larger participation in more complex events.

For anyone interested, you can always check out the upcoming Events on the front page of the website, or also on our Discord: https://discord.gg/vendetta

Other, larger projects are rumbling along in the background, along with further investigations into bugs and issues as they are reported. Have a great weekend, everyone!