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Vendetta Online 1.8.644

VO 1.8.644 included (last week):

- Navroutes are now plotted around systems that are Hated/KoS when possible.
- Player-owned capships now try to go around systems that are Hated/KoS if possible when they are attempting to come to their owner (they will warn of expected passage through hostile territory if it is unavoidable, there being no "safe" route).
- Player-owned capships now report the next two systems they will go through if they are more than two systems away and are given the 'follow' command.
- Fixed issue with mouse capture not working sometimes on Chromebooks.

Sometimes the brief lines of the changelog fail to articulate the complexity of the underlying update. In this case, reworking the server and client-side navigational jump calculations to properly include dynamic changes in factional status was not really a "trivial thing", but one that certainly was important to do (both for capship owners, and for newer players). This is another change that came from input on the Suggestions Forum.

Someday we may offer a more elaborate way to determine your capship's "remote" route (currently limited to just the "follow" command), but hopefully this will mitigate the more-common related issues.