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Vendetta Online 1.8.693-694

VO 1.8.694 included:
- Fixed crash when giving or revoking Access Keys.
- Fixed client lua error when using the Jettison menu.

VO 1.8.693 included (last week):
- Four new custom-made missions available in various trees.
- Fixed lua error with auto-repair/reload when the interface is reloaded.
- Prototype improvements to the Mission Editor to allow new unrat-style "Persistent Event" missions to automatically spawn around the galaxy. More detail on this will appear once the system is stabilized and proven out.

VO 1.8.692.1
- Fixed lua error when turning on/off Condensed UI mode on mobile devices.

A lot of other server-side changes and fixes to the new "Persistent Event" missions have been released over the past week. For those who are members of the Vendetta Online PCC or "Player Contribution Corps", more information on the changes to the editor will become available on the Suggestions Forum in the near future.

Further releases have been deferred for the long-weekend, to preserve game stability and give people some sanity during time-off. A bunch of technical changes are intended to ship next week.