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Release Delay and Beta Update

The rollout of Vendetta Online has been unavoidably pushed back due to various manufacturing delays. These include the printing facilities being affected by the weather brought by Hurricane Ivan, and manufacturing resources being saturated with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The new release date is October 26th. On the upside, this delay will allow us some extra time to further refine and polish the game, to make sure the launch goes smoothly.

The Gold Master was shipped on time, and will be appearing in stores as a single Hybrid CD with Windows, MacOS X and Linux versions all on one disc. Pre-order information will be posted as soon as possible.

In related news, those who have signed up for Beta notification should be hearing from us within the next seven days. We may test the key system with the opening of the beta, so only those who have signed up will gain access. Thus, if you would like access to the beta, please sign up here:


Existing Beta users don't need to be concerned about this. Thanks, and keep watching for further updates!