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Vendetta Beta 1.0.3 Changelog

Beta 1.0.3 (and successive bugfix releases, 1.0.4 and 1.0.5) were released Friday night, the 24th.

- Improved Windows support for non-US keyboards
- Improved bot behaviour
- renamed bots
- new types of bots
- continuous music while loading (new threaded soundsystem)
- background musical themes change with regions of space
- /guild command added, with persistent guild features
- /duel command added, allowing new factionless PvP
- new non-mouselook mode for when mouselook mode is off
- fixed spy mission, increased reward
- reward money for prospecting mission
- altered other mission storylines
- fixed rendering of special ships in ship-buy/select menu
- changed Char Info menu
- changed ship buy/select menu
- linux version has ALSA support