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Vendetta Beta 1.0.7

Largely a bugfix release, including the following:

- Ship purchase menu saves last purchased ship color. It defaults to your nation's color
- Level 0 large weapons are available everywhere now.
- Number of bots are not increased so drastically when there are more than 6 players.
- Group missions are now properly aborted when the mission owner leaves the group. Was causing people to possibly have 2 group missions simultaneously.
- Bots don't aggro if you nudge them (and do less than 40 damage)
- Players don't become KOS when they bump into each other outside of a station
- Exiting Vendetta by pressing the X button in Windows doesn't result in a crash now.
- Fixed a mission when someone asked for a scanner when they were not in a station.
- Better checking for invalid media.rlb file
- Pressing the space bar after closing the Char Info menu in the station no longer results in logoff
- Changed tab ordering on some station buttons
- Big red box isn't rendered anymore when you close the console and you are scrolled back. It's still there when you normally scroll back.
- Players don't come to a stop in arcade mode when launched from the station anymore
- Added [wavsound] bufsize=4096 (default) and [macsound] bufsize=4096 (default) to config.ini
- More joysstick errors are sent to dinput.log in Windows now.
- Fixed some crashing bugs in all 3 platforms
- Fixed duel stuff
- Added /guild decline "character name"
- Tried to make sure Vendetta stays focused when it starts up in Windows under certain circumstances.
- Some server fixes in hopes of a less latent experience
- Fixed some typos in some mission texts