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Beta Keys, Emails, and Web Browsers

On Wednesday we sent out roughly 5700 beta keys to every user who had signed up to our email contact list. If you signed up after 2pm CST on Wednesday (or thereabouts) you would not have received a key, but everyone else was mailed, no one was denied. Some people had invalid email addresses (typos?), others reportedly had the contact email go to their Spam or Junk folder. If you had signed up and didn't receive a key, you are welcome to sign up again, we'll send out some more keys next week. We did not reject anyone from the beta program.

Web Browsers: Some people are reportedly having issues logging into the website and not seeing the left-hand sidebar that contains the "Download" link. We have tested our site under recent Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Mozilla/FireFox, Konqueror and Opera. If you use a different browser, your mileage may vary. We recommend using a modern version of one of the above browsers (Firefox, in particular, is our choice). FYI.