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An Explanation of Ordering

There has been some confusion about subscription methods. Here is how it breaks down:

If you purchase VO in a retail store after Nov 1, you get a Retail Key that comes with the game. You'll need to set up a payment method once you use the key, but you won't be billed for 30 days.

If you pre-ordered the retail version from GameStop, you were supposed to receive a special pre-order key. This key gives you 60 days free, although you will still need to set up a payment method. Once you have used the pre-order key you cannot use the retail key that will come in your game (but you can give it to someone else to try if you want). If you use a retail key first, and then a pre-order key, it will add an extra month (giving the same 2 months total, free).

If you pay for the game on our website, you are immediately paying for time (3 months, 6 months, etc), which is automatically associated with your account. If you had already used a pre-order key, and then ALSO bought time, you'll get 2 months, plus the number of months you ordered (2+3 = 5 months, for instance). If you paid for the game on our site, and then LATER use a pre-order key, you'll have 2 months added to your account. If you LATER use a retail key, you'll have one month added.

To recap, pre-order keys and retail keys are not additive. The basic key system is sound and not that complex, but this pre-order scenario has made it rather confusing. This is due in large part because GameStop has not sent out keys to all the people who ordered the game. If you paid for any form of our game, from GameStop, or online, and do not currently have access or are otherwise confused, send an email to billing at guildsoftware dot com, and we'll straighten it out as best we can.

Thanks for your patience with all of this.