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Vendetta Online 1.1.6

Rebalancing, tweaking and bugfixing. Ships now all have unique engines, many of which have been altered from their previous settings. "Fighter" type ships are now a bit faster, with higher top speeds and (sometimes) increased maneuverability. The fastest ship in the game now has a top speed of 245M/s. The fastest ships also have increased turbo energy usage, reducing their range at high speeds. Most of the larger ships have been left untouched for the moment (the SkyCommand Prometheus has been improved), but this is just the first iteration of tweaking.. expect more changes and adjustments to happen. NOTE: in order to see the new changes made to the ship, you will need to purchase a new version of the ship. Pre-patch ships are not affected.

A couple of new ship types have been added, mining specific variants of the Warthog and Marauder specifically. A few weapons have been adjusted. The Gauss has been slightly reduced in mass. The Mark III Neutron Blaster has been slightly increased in mass and energy usage.

Some interface changes have been made to the Character Info screen. The Navigation screen now supports the setting of multiple waypoints using Shift+click [UPDATE: Waypoints are not working on the Mac or Linux, this will be fixed in a patch on Tuesday night]. Many other changes and bugfixes.