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Vendetta Online 1.2.2

This version should fix the recent server problems that were exposed by the first attempt to integrate the cap ship. The heavy assault cruiser SMV Nemesis has been placed on a constant patrol from Serco Prime to the Geira/Deneb border. It and its wingmen will respond to attackers. Once we've determined the cap ship is stable and working, we'll be adding some missions that revolve around it.

We've also added a distance-based arming safety to all rockets. This means that a rocket's proximity trigger will not arm/detonate if the firing ship is within a certain proximity. The "lockout distance" varies with the rocket type.. from 40 meters on the Iceflares, to 80 meters on the Screamers. Sunflares are 60 meters. Further tweaking of distances and other factors will likely still be needed, but this should have some affect on rocket-ramming. NOTE: If a target is actually struck with a rocket, it *will* detonate, the arming lockout distance only affects the proximity trigger.

The Prometheus family has also had its thrust reduced, across the board, by 25N. The SkyCommand has had a small reduction in turning thrust. The Valkyrie, Vengeance and IDF Vigilant have all been increased by 5N of thrust.

Some performance bugs have also been addressed, the game should now be faster under some conditions. Many other small changes and bugfixes (see Updater MOTD for details).