Vendetta Appendices

When approaching some of the commercial space stations scattered around the Vendetta universe, you may notice a myriad of colorful advertisements. You may also notice that they're written in a language you've never seen before. This language is called "Galactic Trade Standard", and it's unique to Vendetta.

The story goes like this: As the major factions split apart, their languages gradually diversified. The Neutral Territories, in particular, was made up of a loose conglomerate of independent city-stations, colonies, and corporations, each with their own dialects (which in many cases had become mutually unintelligible.) Trade between distant colonies was hampered by the language barrier.

To improve commerce, a few of the major corporations collaborated in developing what is now known as Galactic Trade Standard - a language simple enough that it could be learned quickly, but diverse enough to cover anything that traders might want to say to one another.

What follows is a subset of Galactic Trade Standard that you will see while playing Vendetta.

Phonetic Alphabet

Symbolic Alphabet

Decyphering the grammar of Galactic Trade Standard is left as an exercise for the reader.