Vendetta Appendices

This command list is meant to be a guide for the advanced user, or anyone interested in writing their own aliases. Direct access to these commands is not necessary for everyday gameplay, except where noted elsewhere in the manual.

These commands can be used in the Vendetta Online console (accessed by the tilde key: "~"), or in any chat window. Commands must be preceeded by slashes. For example:

/logoff - starts the logoff countdown

/msg "Incarnate" Hello! - sends a friendly message to Incarnate

Some commands take a player's name as a parameter. If the name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotes. You can tab-complete players' names to save time, by typing the first few letters of the name and then pressing the tab key.

Also, if you're writing your own aliases, you can use the macro %target% to automatically fill in the name of the player you have targeted.

# commands
buddy                   displays various buddy command help when typed out; use for maintaining a buddy list
duel                    displays various duel command help when typed out; use for dueling other players
guild                   displays various guild command help when typed out; use for player guilds
group                   displays various group command help when typed out; use for player groups
mentor                  displays various mentor command help when typed out; use for player help
quit                    brings up the quit menu
logoff                  begins the 10 second countdown process of logging off 
				        same as selecting Logoff from the options menu
+zoom                   zooms in
-zoom                   zooms out
+toplist                brings up the user select panel
say						brings up a message window when bound to a key, otherwise sends the message
		the message window or sent message is either sector-chat or mission-chat
						depending on the current log showing
say_sector              brings up the sector-chat window when bound to a key, otherwise sends sector-chat
say_channel             brings up the channel-chat window when bound to a key, otherwise sends channel-chat
						if the message begins with "me," the message is sent as an emote
say_group               brings up the group-chat window when bound to a key, otherwise sends group-chat
say_guild               brings up the guild-chat window when bound to a key, otherwise sends guild-chat
sector                  brings up the sector-chat window when bound to a key, otherwise sends sector-chat
join [channel]          joins the specified channel if you aren't already in it
				        sets the specified channel as the active channel if you're already in it
leave [channel]         leaves the specified channel
nav                     brings up the navigation interface
charinfo                opens the character information screen of your target
						if you have nothing targeted, it opens your own character information
hudmode                 toggles between the group and individual displays on your HUD when in a group
givemoney [username] [amount]
						gives [username] credits from your account if you have enough credits. 
				        [username] MUST BE IN THE SAME SECTOR              
playmusic [filename]    play an ogg music file
playlist [filename]     play a list of music defined in the playlist file
stopmusic               stops currently playing music
radartoggle             toggle radar blips on/off
radarhide               hide all radar blips
radarshow               show all radar blips
flymodetoggle           toggles between arcade and physics flight models
toggleinventory         toggles the HUD inventory display open/closed (located on left of HUD)
activate                activate a zone (wormholes, docking bays)
jettison                dumps your cargo
netquery                used reports missing network packet sequences, but does nothing now
ping                    shows last|min|max pings over the life of the game
explode                 blows up your ship
scrollback              scroll back in the console
scrollforward           scroll forward in the console
activatechattab [value] changes what log to display where [value] of 0 is General and 1 is Mission
vote mute [username]    casts your vote for muting [username]
				        this eventually mutes [username] for a limited time once enough have voted
ignore [username]       lists people you set to ignore or ignores [username]
ignoretarget            adds whoever you have selected to your ignore list
unignore [username]     stops ignoring [username]
unignoretarget          stops ignoring whoever you have selected
unignoreall             stops ignoring everybody in your ignore list
time                    prints current time in GMT format
msg [username]          send directed chat msg to [username]
query video|snd         query info from video/sound driver
	video               displays video driver name
	video rgb           displays bit depth
	video zbuffer       displays z bit depth (d3d only)
	video linemode      switches to wireframe mode
	video polygonmode   switches to filled poly mode
	video GL_RENDERER   displays gl renderer (ogl only)
	video GL_VENDOR     displays gl vendor (ogl only)
	video GL_VERSION    displays gl version (ogl only)
	video GL_EXTENSIONS displays gl extensions (ogl only)
	video dumpinfo      saves openglinfo.log (ogl only)
	video hardwarename  displays hardware name (d3d only)
	video hardwaredesc  displays hardware description (d3d only)
	video devinfo       displays HAL status (d3d only)
	video texturing     displays number of texture stages available (d3d only)
	video evicttextures reloads textures from system memory to video card (d3d only)
	video memory        displays available ram (not accurate) (d3d only)
	snd dumpinfo        saves wavinfo.log (win32 only)
	snd *               displays audio format (win32/macosX only)
set [CVAR] [value]      lists CVAR value, sets a CVAR. list of CVARs are at the end of the file
dump [filename]         saves a screencapture to either [filename]
				        or saves to dump????.tga if filename not specified
toggleframerate         toggles display of framerate and polygon/vertex count
fps                     does the same as toggleframerate
toggleframerategraph    toggle graph of framerate
profile                 toggles profile information
hidelog                 hides the log panel (mainly for nicer screenshots)
alias [aliasname [value]] lists aliases, shows what alias is set to, creates alias
bind [key [command]]    lists binds, shows bind of a key, binds a key to a command
wait [seconds] [command] evaluates the command [command] after [seconds] seconds
				        [command] can be either a command or an alias
echo "bfdlhfsdfsd"      prints bfdlhfsdfsd to the console (or whatever else you want to put there)
print [which]           which = 0: prints all commands
						which = 3: prints bind list
verbose [which]         which = 0: turns off vurbose
						which > 0: displays debug messages depending on the number
						it's cumulative, meaning higher numbers display different
						debug messages in addition to messages from lower numbers
load [script]           loads script like the wgaf.cfg file.
prompt [console input]  brings up an input line window when in an alias bound to a key
						when any message is submitted in the window, it appends your
						text to [console input] and evaluates it
+mlook                  enable mouse-look
-mlook                  disable mouse-look
mlooktoggle             toggle between mouse-look and nonmouse-look
autojettison [command]  configure autojettison feature
autojettison_toggle     toggles autojettison feature on/off
autoroute               plots a course to follow your target when they jump/warp
autoroute_on            enable autoroute feature
autoroute_off           disable autoroute feature
autoroute_toggle        toggle autoroute feature
botflag "character name" report a player as a bot
cargotractor            toggle cargo tractor beam feature
enableturret            enables a turret to be used by +ActivateTurrets and allows players to enter it
disableturret           disables a turret to not be used by +ActivateTurrets and prevents players from entering it
enterturret [value]     enter a turret of the ship you are currently piloting
friendkey               give another player a key for 2 weeks of Premium membership
gunner [command]        manage gunner/passengers in your ship
hail                    sends your hail message to your target
hudmode                 toggle HUD group mode
key [command]           manage your keychain
navroute [add|clear|load|save] [arguments] manually edit your current navroute
remove_mines            removes all of your mines in the current sector
renameship "new name"   names/renames your active capship
report "character name" [spybot] opens the Chat Abuse Reporting menu
selfdefensetime         displays who can attack you without ramifications due to self-defense being applied and how much time is left
tkostime                displays what factions you have TempKOS against and how much time is left
sensornotify_notify_mode  0 = no notification 1 = only players 2 = players and NPCs 3 = custom patterns
sensornotify_pattern "search pattern" sets the custom pattern(s) for sensornotify feature, it is in the format of lua match patterns
sensornotify_sound [value]  0 = off 1 = enter 2 = leave 3 = both
showcommands            opens a menu showing all commands
updatestation           updates the station UI if it is out of sync
voicechattoggle         toggles between the different connected voice chat channels: group, guild, private channel
voicegroup [command]    manages private voice group channel
voicemute               mute voice chat
voiceunmute             unmute voice chat
weaponsafe              unselect all weapon groups so you don't accidentally shoot anything
# the below plus commands can be turned off by releasing the key
# it is bound to or by typing an extra separated 0 at the end
# ex1: /+Accelerate 0
# ex2: alias turbo_off "+Turbo 0"
# ex3: /-Turbo
+TurnLeft               turn ship to the left
+TurnRight              turn ship to the right
+TurnUp                 turn ship up
+TurnDown               turn ship down
+StrafeLeft             strafe to the left
+StrafeRight            strafe to the right
+StrafeUp               strafe up
+StrafeDown             strafe down
+RotateCW               roll ship clockwise
+RotateCCW              roll ship counterclockwise
+Accelerate             accelerate forward
+Decelerate             accelerate backward
+Turbo                  turn on turbo boost
+Brakes                 slow down the ship
+Shoot2                 shoot weapons in the active primary weapon group
+Shoot1                 shoot weapons in the active secondary weapon group
+Shoot3                 shoot weapons in the active tertiary weapon group
+ActivateTurrets        turn on capship turrets to auto-fire at selected target
+ptt                    Push-To-Talk for voice chat
+stt                    Push for Speech To Text

RadarNext               select next item in radar list
RadarPrev               select previous item in radar list
RadarNextFront          select next thing in front
RadarPrevFront          select previous thing in front
RadarNextFrontEnemy     select next Enemy in front
RadarPrevFrontEnemy     select previous Enemy in front
RadarNextNearestEnemy   select next nearest Enemy
RadarPrevNearestEnemy   select previous nearest Enemy
RadarHitBy              select last Enemy that hit you
RadarNone               unselect current target
DesignateEnemy          mark current target to be displayed as an enemy in the radar
ClearDesignateEnemy     unmark current target to be displayed as an enemy in the radar

ConsoleToggle           opens/closes console
ViewToggle              toggles between external/internal views, supports optional number to directly go to a certain view
CameraToggle            toggles between different cameras
HudToggle               toggles visibility of the HUD (usually for screenshots)

MusicToggle             toggles music
LocalRadarNext          select next local object
LocalRadarPrev          select previous local object
Weapon1                 select weapon group 1 as active for +Shoot2
Weapon2                 select weapon group 2 as active for +Shoot2
Weapon3                 select weapon group 3 as active for +Shoot1
Weapon4                 select weapon group 4 as active for +Shoot1
Weapon5                 select weapon group 5 as active for +Shoot1
Weapon6                 select weapon group 6 as active for +Shoot3
Weapon7                 select weapon group 7 as active for +Shoot3
Missile1                same as Weapon3
Missile2                same as Weapon4
Missile3                same as Weapon5
Mine1                   same as Weapon6
Mine2                   same as Weapon7
+LookX                  mouse look axis
+LookY                  mouse look axis
Help                    opens help screen
DisplayShipPos          used to display the ship position, but does nothing now

# analog controls
# these commands have a parameter from -1000 to +1000
Turn                    turn ship left/right
Pitch                   turn ship up/down
Roll                    roll ship
Accel                   accelerate forward/backward
StrafeLR                strafe left/right
StrafeUD                strafe up/down
throttle                sets ship speed from 0 to full speed

# Game Variables
# Usage: "/set  "
autoaim                 1 or 0 to enable or disable computer assisted aiming on your weapons
flymodeflag             1 or 0 to enable or disable Flight-Assist mode
drawnormals             set to 1 to draw surface normals (have to rerun Vendetta)
fov                     set field of view (+zoom uses this command)
doKeyRamp               when you press a key, 1 means to ramp the value to 
                        full over about .5 seconds (useful for flying with the keyboard)
rRenderStationInMenu    game setting
rDistanceLODBias        game setting
rSceneLODBias           game setting
rDoSpaceJunk            game setting
rDoEffects              game setting
rHiRezBK                game setting
rglow                   1 or 0 to enable or disable pixel shader "glow" effect
rHUDfadeout             sets the time in seconds how long messages from inactive tabs stay visible
snd_vel                 doppler shift parameter
snd_volume              volume of music from 0 to 1 where 0 = mute, 1 = full
snd_musicvolume         volume of sound effects from 0 to 1 where 0 = mute, 1 = full
chat_filter             1 or 0 to enable or disable the chat filter
xHUDscale               sets the width scale of your heads up display
yHUDscale               sets the height scale of your heads up display

Thanks to FiReMaGe for updating this list, and Spellcast and roguelazer for additional suggestions.