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The Vendetta Online Kickstarter needs your help!


As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we've launched a Kickstarter to support development of some major gameplay and graphical improvements for the coming year, plus some iPad polish. To those of you who have pledged support for us since then, we cannot thank you enough! However, we still have a long way to go before the Kickstarter will be a success. We have to reach $100k in total pledges in the next couple of weeks, if we want to make these expansion goals a reality.

And what goals they are! Over the last couple of weeks I've posted a number of videos, answering questions from Kickstarter supporters and explaining my vision for Vendetta Online 1.9 and beyond, including:

If any of these changes sound cool, please consider joining us! After all, in return for your support you get lots of..

Exclusive Stuff for Those Who Pledge

In exchange for your committment of a few dollars, we're giving away subscription time at 75% off, plus a lot of cool exclusives like the EC-108KS pictured below, as well as the Early Supporter in-game badge (limited availability!).

EC-108KS picture

Vendetta Online on Steam?

This is something else our users have been suggesting for some time, and so earlier this week we submitted Vendetta Online to Valve's "Greenlight" system, allowing the public to vote on whether the game should be available on Steam.

Steam Logo

Getting Vendetta Online onto Steam would be a big win for the game, opening up a whole new audience to the wonders of our galaxy. Plus, Valve plans to release Steam across Windows, Mac and Linux in the near future, making our game one of the few that could be universally available.

If you're a Steam user, please consider voting for us! If you aren't a Steam user and still want to vote, it's easy to sign up for Steam over the web (although you may need to buy something before they'll let you vote).

Ask Me Anything on Reddit!

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(John Bergman, Founder and Creative Director of Guild Software): I'm going to do an IAmA on Reddit this coming Tuesday, Feb 12th at 3PM Eastern, Noon Pacific. Come ask me any questions you like, about running a small independent game studio, my plans for the future of Vendetta Online.. whatever you want. I look forward to hearing from you!

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