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Summer Sale!

Believe it or not, Vendetta Online 1.9 is right around the corner! And to kick things off, we're going to offer our first major sale event: A limit of 100 special 1-year Premium Subscription keys at a major discount of $60/apiece, that's 33% off the usual price, or half-off the monthly rate!

This Premium access allows unlimited play for a whole year, on any platform (or combination), with no need to acquire Crystal and no level caps of any kind.

Additionally, anyone with a one year-code automatically gets "Long Term Subscriber" status, which includes access to the Corvus Greyhound Camo ship.

A few points:

  • This promo will only run for a limited time, and there will only be 100 total keys available, the coupon will expire either on July 15th, or when all the keys have been purchased.
  • The keys can be applied to any account, so you can buy them for friends and give them away, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of keys you can purchase (up to the promo total).
  • The keys do not expire.
  • You'll receive the keys in your email, and also be able to see them in the Billing area of the website.

Your purchase will directly support development of the upcoming major release, and if we see a good response from this sale, we'll try doing more of them, with other interesting offers (feel free to post on Suggestions if you have ideas, we could sell ship-skins, models, all kinds of stuff, and the revenue would really help us improve the game).

Visit the Vendetta Online Sale! Discount Code: SUMMER15

(Only applicable to the 12-month key type)

Rendering Engine Updates!

Space station lighting

We're happy to announce that the new Rendering Engine is nearing full production release across all PC platforms (Win/Mac/Linux), and will become the default engine in the upcoming 1.9 major release. We develop all of our own engine technology in-house, so this update has required a lot of research and testing. If you haven't been playing with the pre-production renderer already, you can expect:

  • Dynamic lights, attached to every energy shot, engine, floating sign, or other obvious light-source. Potentially thousands of dynamic lights per scene.
  • High quality dynamic shadows (cascaded Poisson PCF using slope-based depth bias).
  • Multi-threaded renderer, making balanced used of both CPU and GPU capabilities (including multiple GPUs in Crossfire or SLI configurations).
  • Mac version offers native Retinal display support.

This is only the beginning, we will continue expand on the shaders and effects available in the game; everything from common game features like ambient occlusion and "god rays", to experimentation with new illumination models (BRDF) for certain types of planets, or dynamic geometry shaders for nebulae and other effects.

All of this will improve our upcoming launch on the Steam platform as well as generally bring the game the kinds of cinematic visuals we've always intended for our universe. Eventually some of these engine updates will also debut on mobile as well (already tested), as mobile GPUs increase in performance.

Recap of Changes and Updates

As usual, we have far more recent changes than we can easily list in a newsletter, but here are a few high points that should interest people:

  • New capship-dockable stations in Dau, Itan, Odia and Sol II.
  • Fog and radar limitations are now applied to NPC awareness and aggression.
  • Powercells (and energy-drain attacks) now keep NPCs from jumping/warping.
  • All nested cargo inside of capships now drops appropriately.
  • Raptor UDV (UIT) now has integrated Cargo and Addon Scanners (2000m range).
  • Higher-definition asteroids added in many sectors (new models, textures).
  • Many other improvements to: Gamepad UI and controls (TV play!), sound effects, addon buffs and tweaks, etc.

More To Come..

We've been hard at work on major infrastructural and engineering changes for 1.9, but we intend to complete some major gameplay changes as well before the new version ships. This will include:

  • New Trident Variants.
  • Major changes and fixes to Deneb Dynamic Warfare.
  • Improvements to existing conquerable stations, and perhaps some surprises..
  • Significant changes to strike forces, factional defenses, temp-KoS and other areas.
  • Further updates to the Oculus Rift and VR experience.

All of this is expected in the next 30-60 days, along with some really large announcements for the next-generation version of the game that will be the development target after the 1.9 release.

UIT Dau L10

Dau L10 with updated Capship Hangars.

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These screenshots below have NOT been updated to reflect the new DX11 renderer.

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