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New Ship Graphics and Updates.

We're happy to announce completely re-worked ship graphics have been released for the Hornet, Ragnarok and Centaur type smaller vessels, across all platforms.

These models and materials have all been created from scratch, usually with more than ten times the polygon count and asset complexity of the old designs. We intend to continue improving a lot of our "classic" ships in this way, to bring the look of the game a little more up to date.

Goliath and Capella integration.

The Goliath-class light freighter may now be manufactured from the shipyards in Latos, much like the Trident class vessels. However, the Goliath has drastically reduced construction requirements, making it a significantly easier task for players than the larger Trident.

Capella-class capital ships have been integrated into the NPC convoys for some time now, and are not yet released as player-manufactured vessels, but we are heading in that direction.

Engine and Gameplay changes in Development.

We've been working on some of these projects for a few years, as part of our push towards re-designing the game galaxy and allowing for more intriguing gameplay:

  • Nebulae clouds, fog volumes.
  • Impostor rendering and other enhancements to allow much greater scene complexity.
  • Battle and ship debris, that can be scavenged for goods and items.
  • Substantial changes to lighting, contrast, color correction and other visuals on the PC.
  • More diverse usages for NPCs, pirates, etc.
  • Sweeping changes to economics, distribution of ores and minerals, and the layout/structure of systems and sectors, aka the "universe redux".
All of this is part of our movement towards release onto Steam, and shipping an upcoming Named Expansion of Vendetta Online.

Vendetta Online for Daydream and other VR platforms.

We successfully launched the game for Google's Daydream VR back in March, and it was well received by both players and the VR press, even being named one of the "top 10" best games on the platform.

We're also continuing to improve our Oculus Rift implementation on the PC, including preliminary support for Oculus Touch, which may go into public testing as early as this week.

Additionally, there are quite a few performance improvements being released shortly, which should be a big help to players across GearVR, Daydream and the Rift.

Vendetta Online for iPhone is coming to wide-area testing on Testflight.

Did you sign up to help test the VO for the iPhone? We've been in testing for a few weeks, and we intend to expand it soon, so if you're interested in helping (and have an iOS 10 capable phone), please go ahead and sign up here.

Other recent changes:

  • Gamepad analog sensitivity curves on PC and mobile have been improved, X/Y are now linked.
  • Mobile (Android + iOS) interface re-worked, improved controls and UI.
  • Mine timeout lifespans increased, maximum count per user/sector also increased.
  • New gamepad configuration menu in Options -> Advanced -> Controls -> Gamepad, also buttons can be re-defined from the gamepad "mapping" display on launch.
  • Taking damage now aborts the logoff timer.
  • Multiple VR cockpit designs added, in Options -> VR Options -> Cockpit Design.
  • All Manufacturing missions will now return components to inventory if the mission is aborted before the current set of objectives are achieved.

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