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TPG Raptor

A TPG Raptor navigates an asteroid field

VO is Free on All Platforms

Vendetta Online is Free To Play, without level caps, across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and beyond, since August 2020. Download Today.

List of Upcoming Events:

  • November 27th, 09:00 UTC (3am Central) - Corporate Sector Run
  • November 27th, 21:00 UTC (3pm Central) - Corporate Sector Run
  • November 28th, 20:00 UTC (2pm Central) - Nation War
  • November 30th, 18:30 UTC (12:30pm Central) - Gatling Cannon HV War I
  • December 1st, 24:00 UTC (6pm Central) - Corvus Mineral Research
  • December 27th, 01:30 UTC (7:30pm Central on Dec 26th) - Free Cell Race
(See Facebook or Discord for Details)

Twenty New Missions

A variety of new, custom-made Missions have been added to the game, advancing new storylines and giving access to content or other rewards.

Explore the new tales with titles such as: "Dragon Variations", "At the Heart of it All", "Rite of Passage", "The Frigate Heist" and 16 others.

Prototype Russian Support

Expanding the Language support of the game has been in-process for much of this year (mentioned back in May), and initial prototype support for Russian is now available, exclusively on Android.

This is still a test implementation, as the text in the game is still changing with the new User Interface under development.

More languages will be added, across all platforms, as the game text and new introduction become more solidified.

Vendetta Online in Russian

Background Loading

A fundamental engine improvement is being added to the game, allowing the game to do transparent "loading" of scenery and objects in the background, without impacting foreground gameplay.

This is a big deal, as it greatly improves our ability to make the universe more seamless, with an eventual goal of an open-ended galaxy with near-zero load times.

Android and Windows have the initial support, with Android having end-to-end background loading available in the ES3 renderer, and Windows containing a partial implementation in the Vulkan and DX11 renderers.

Android phone

Android Prototype Changes

Many changes have appeared on Android recently. Please understand, these changes will come to other platforms as well, but Android made for easier rapid testing and rollouts.

"Touch Throttle" on the left side of the screen has joined the existing "Touch Look" that was rolled out a few months ago. These controls are self-centering, for any size device, and easier to use.

"Touch to Select" has returned, on both the left and right side of the screen, and Vertical Strafe is now available in the default Touch configuration for the first time. Existing installs will have to reset to defaults: open Options, then Advanced -> Controls -> Touch and press the 'Defaults' button.

Game Load times have been drastically shortened, both on initial startup and during gameplay, thanks to faster decompression, background threading and other optimizations.

Touch Tutorials are being replaced, and have prototype updates on Android (including translations into Russian). These are still a work-in-progress and other changes are coming. Tutorial updates will eventually cover all types of input (gamepads, keyboard/mouse, etc).

Android 6.0 is now required for new installs of Vendetta Online from the Play Store. Existing installs on older devices are unaffected and will continue to update on runtime. This change of requirements was needed for graphics driver stability and various other reasons.

"Report" System

"/report" is Vendetta Online's rapid-response chat-abuse and toxicity reporting system, introduced last year.

The system is now available to all classes of Player Accounts. This is now the primarily way of reporting any in-game chat abuse or related issues.

Improvements are still coming to the system, along with user interface updates, information enhancements, and policy clarifications.

Update History

Here's a recap of other updates, since the last Newsletter. As usual, this doesn't really represent "everything we've been doing", but it shows some of the player-visible changes that have been made, along with a few additional details about items listed above:

  • New capital ship command-set help, by messaging "help" to a capship that is owned by the player.
  • Reduced PCB shot-lifespan from 3s to 2s (range from 645m to 430m).
  • Reduced TU mine energy requirement from 500 to 100.
  • No Fire Zones in Nation Space no longer allow weapons-fire, including PCBs or Repair Guns. (Specialty future weapons may be able to circumvent this).
  • New "Hive Queen Mining Beam": a new capital-class mining beam that is a rare drop from Hive Queens.
  • Mission-based HUD Notification text is now displayed in the upper left over the chat region on Android.
  • Improved client-side mission list refresh and update latency.
  • Replaced Dentek Collectors with Orun Collectors in the Training Sectors.
  • Players who take a Deneb Battle or Hive mission, but never participate in the battle, are no longer awarded any XP or credits.
  • Changed jump-in point selection to reduce the chance that players end up inside or beyond the asteroid ring in Sol I-11 and other sectors with asteroids near jump-in points.
  • Added ability for tutorials to highlight various HUD elements.
  • Various PCC mission editor improvements and new features.
  • Updated to Android Billing API v4.
  • Streamlined Android Touch-based initial offline training simulator, changed voice-over sounds.
  • Brakes now set the Flight-Assist Throttle when released on Android for new installs.
  • Game Website Support-Ticket system now prevents accidental double-submission of tickets.
  • Game Website Support-Ticket system now uses a more mobile-scalable web design.
  • Game Website Forums now prevents users from editing or deleting posts after 15 minutes pass from the time the post was initially made.
  • Turrets now use a unique auto targeting system that triggers firing when the target is in view of the turret, but the center-of-mass is out of view, to enable more effective fire against large ships. This is true of both "ActivateTurrets" automation, as well as NPC turrets.
  • Turrets using "ActivateTurrets" automation will now always fire homing-missile weapons, as long as the target is within distance range, and within the *weapon's* field-of-view. For Swarms, this is 180 degrees, meaning they will always fire.
  • Fixed bug with "ActivateTurrets" not correctly utilizing the Turret field-of-view limits for Energy and Projectile based weapons (such as railguns).

..And many other changes.

Station - Dynamic Lighting

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