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Space battle debris

Space battle debris

Vendetta Online has been Free To Play, without level caps, across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, since August 2020. Download Today.

Holiday Promo

From December 25th to January 1st the game gives full Premium Subscriber status to all players. Stop by and say "hi" to some old friends.

List of Upcoming Events:

  • December 25th, 7pm CST - Starship Defense
  • December 27th, 2pm CST - 2v2 Vulture Duels
  • December 27th, 7pm CST - Supercharged Queen Hunt
  • December 28th, 3pm CST - Hive Chrysalis
  • December 31st, 1:45pm CST - Nation War
  • December 31st, 9pm CST - New Year's Party Blast
(See Discord for Details)

Steam Deck

Steam Deck (beta)

Steam Deck support has been a frequent request of the community since the device emerged on the scene, and while some have had luck running the Windows game under Proton, we've chosen to put some time into development of custom support for the Steam Deck in our native Linux-64 install.

To be clear, the game is not available via Steam itself at present, we're simply trying to improve compatibility for those who wish manually install the game on their devices.

This support is very early, only shipping a few days ago, so expect it to be pretty unpolished. But, with further feedback and testing, we will endeavor to improve support for the device.

For installation instructions see this forum-thread post. VO must be run in the Deck's "Game Mode" to have full support for the input joysticks.


New Missions

Ten new missions have been released, since last month's November newsletter..

Keep in mind that mission availability expands with progress through the existing trees, so new mission access will sometimes require further advancement through prior missions.

Updates and Changes

Most of our efforts are going into larger, longer-term game enhancement projects to support our next-generation gameplay goals.

Still, we try our best to still ship game patches each week, including a variety of tweaks, fixes and "Quality of Life" feature enhancements, often raised from the Suggestions Forum:

  • User Access Keys can now be given an optional expiration time when being given to another player. When the key expires, it is removed from the player's keychain.
  • Increased addon port icon sizes in the ship config menu for mobile devices.
  • Fixed issues with cursor placement in multi-line edit controls (Nav map notes, etc).
  • Home/End keys now move the cursor to the beginning/end of the current line and Ctrl+Home/End moves the cursor to the beginning/end of the whole text.
  • Fixed issue with not recording player-owned capship kills in Enduring Content history.
  • Fixed issue with turret swarm missiles not launching from the correct location when the ship is moving when /+ActivateTurrets is used.
  • The /group invite command no longer succeeds if you're not in a group and have an active mission.
  • Fixed rendering issues when changing Antialiasing mode in OpenGL.

  • Station - Dynamic Lighting

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