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AutoLogin plugin

Aug 16, 2011 Pizzasgood link

To configure this plugin, simply edit the main.lua file with a text editor.

This is for people who find logging in by hand to be tedious, or who have a bot which they don't want to manually log in every time.

It can automatically enter your username and password, and optionally choose a character and enter the game.

It does not automatically accept the EULA for you. If you want that to happen, install slime's AutoAcceptEULA plugin. Note that AutoAcceptEULA checks whether the EULA has changed since the last time it was accepted and will not automatically accept it if a change is detected.

This plugin also does not address the events window. I have not tested what happens if you have the "Show new events on login" checkbox checked and the window pops up while this is active and set to log in on a character. It may or may not work. I recommend unchecking that feature if you wish to automatically log into a character. It is of course fine to leave it checked if you only use this plugin to submit your username and password.

If you have it set to choose a character, note that when you logout, it will attempt to log right back in, so be ready to click the "cancel" button. I may or may not fix this someday.

This plugin does not keep trying to connect if the initial attempt fails, nor does it try to reconnect if you get disconnected (though perhaps the above bug would do so - I have not tested that yet).
Oct 10, 2011 draugath link
Rin, I had been meaning to write something like this myself for a while now, and your plugin served as a good base to start from. I have expanded it to support logging off to switch characters and reconnect on disconnect. I'd rather pass my changes through you rather than release an alternate version, so I'll be looking for you in game or in IRC.