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*** How to report a bug ***

Jun 30, 2019 Whistler link
It is very helpful for users to report bugs here. While the developers do their very best to catch all bugs, VO is played on a nearly infinite variety of devices and it is likely that a previously unseen bug could be found in the wild.

A few tips:

1) If your bug could be exploited in some game-breaking way, please use the ticket system instead.
2) Please do not begin your message with "Title says it all". It never does. Please describe in detail.
3) Please always include your device, operating system, video card / graphics adapter if applicable, and any other hardware or software that you may have been using at the time of the bug.
4) Please describe your specific location, date, time (including time zone), and what you were doing at the time the bug appeared so that the developers can find the event in their logs.
5) Please try to replicate the issue without plugins installed.
6) Please do not call out individuals or groups for exploiting bugs here. Use the report function.
7) Please do not fail to include all information listed here (that is applicable to your device) because you don't think it is the problem. If you knew what the problem was, you probably would not be asking for help.