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Vendetta Online 1.8.268 and other news.

VO 1.8.268 includes:

- Ships now display their volume as cargo in their description.
- Improved performance of inventory updates in the client UI.
- Added assets for a variety of graphical markings for ships.

This might not be the bigger release we've been aiming to make for the last couple of weeks, but it was necessary to meet some other deadlines related to the upcoming release of the improved graphics assets on Android (nebula, planets, etc). Some development, like this, has a long chain of linear events that need to be started as early as possible, to make sure all the updates are ready, approved by any third-parties, and propagated out to the download servers when the release finally goes "live".

If you have an Android device and would like to help test the new version, take a look at this forum thread. Feedback is appreciated. (Please don't post the sideload URL on any sites though, the Play Store APK will be updated soon enough, and we'd prefer people install it that way).

The "graphical markings" mentioned in the update are new shaders and engine changes that allow us to more easily use the dynamically composited materials I wrote about a few weeks ago. The textures themselves were already in place, but the work needed to be wrapped up so that I can begin rolling the content itself into production. I can't say exactly when you'll see ships in "military markings" or some of the other changes, but I expect pretty soon here.

The changes were also needed to allow the Anniversary Edition of the new Vulture to be put into production. I want to "release" all the new Vultures at the same time, so getting this working was important. Rolling out the new Vulture is also pretty high on my priority list.

Persistent Mines and Capships Update

This is still coming along, and big thanks to all the PCC members who have been helping us on the Test Server. We've uncovered quite a few bugs, along with some more aspects of how old and new design choices were meeting in sometimes-unexpected ways. This is all good stuff, it's just taken longer than we expected.

Releasing the Persistent Mines is still our #1 gameplay priority, and priority-overall. We do get interruptions every once in awhile, which will delay things a little here or there, including some recent real-life challenges that have soaked up some of our hours lately (that I've mentioned on the forums).

More Events, and Possible Newbie Influx

I've been talking about having more Events in the past few weeks, along with new event-related tools. We've had some advancement in this area, and hopefully we'll get it to coincide with some potential upcoming exposure. I'll post proper Events when we're ready to bring people in for that, so keep an eye out.

We do have a couple of Events scheduled for this very weekend, a Nation War and Jolly Roger's Last Lad/Wench Standing, so be sure and log in or check the front page of our website to see the schedule.

That's all for now, thanks everyone.