Station Interface

Ship maintenance and upgrading is an integral part of being a successful pilot. When docked with a station, you can replenish ammunition, attach or detach equipment from your ship, configure your ship's weapon groups, and more. Your ship is automatically repaired on docking.

Detailed information follows.


Purchasing ammunition is important for all non-energy-based weapons. This includes rockets, homing missiles, swarm missiles, mines, repair modules, and the like. To purchase ammo for a weapon, click the "Ammo" tab, then select the weapon which you wish to purchase ammo for, then click the "Buy Ammo" button. On the left bar it will show how much ammo is currently left and the weapon's information. The "Replenish All" button will purchase the maximum ammo for all configured weapons, which should be used with care for weapons that require expensive ammo.


Each ship has a power cell port and one or more weapon ports. When you purchase one of these addons from the "Buy" menu, it is automatically installed into the appropriate port. However, you can use the "Ship" menu to swap out existing addons, as shown above.

Weapon Groups

Weapon groups are automatically configured for your ship when you purchase it. Default groups bind all small weapon ports to your primary fire button, and all large ports to your secondary button. You can change this, if you wish, to have different combinations of weapons fire when different weapon groups are selected.

The picture above shows that "Group 1" will fire both gauss cannons simultaneously. When in-ship, groups 1-7 can be selected by numbers 1-7 on your keyboard. The three firing modes are "Primary Fire(Left Mouse Button)", "Secondary Fire(Right Mouse Button)", and "Tertiary Fire(v)".