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Holiday Promo: Welcome back old veterans! Previously subbed players can play for free between Christmas and Newyears.

Development Announcement: Capella-class Capship.

We're excited to announce a new capital ship: the Capella-class. Where the previously-announced Goliath-class is relatively small, about 2/3rds the length of a Trident, this new vessel is considerably larger, around twice the length of a Trident. It's also the first capship in Vendetta Online to feature two bays, one for docking and one for launching.

The Capella-class is still actively in development, and may not be playable for some time yet. Among other things, we're experimenting with more complex lighting, as well as different ways of raising the fidelity of our new ships on PC, while remaining compatible across mobile and VR.

Preview Launch of the Goliath-class freighter.

In our last newsletter, we previewed the then-upcoming Goliath-class light freighter. First the ship was added to the in-game NPC convoys for additional testing, and as of today, the new craft has been made available to Long Term Subscriber players as a "preview" for a few weeks (no permanent ownership). After that, we'll do any final changes, and then look at integrating the vessel more permanently into the game.

We've actually been promising early content access to our Long Term Subscribers for some time, and we're really happy to start delivering to these extra-supportive players. You can expect this kind of thing to continue with future ship rollouts.

Both of these ship types will be fully playable by the userbase, with various relative trade-offs, advantages and challenges. There will also probably be a number of variant types, some of which may be specific to certain major or minor factions.

Vendetta Online for GearVR is live!

The launch of Vendetta Online onto Samsung's mobile Gear VR platform has been quite successful, with very positive feedback from players both new and old. Vendetta Online marks the first time an MMORPG has launched onto a mobile VR platform, something we've helped enable with a lot of cool usability features like voice-to-text (Speech Recognition text chat), text-to-speech for mission updates, and more. The nice people at UploadVR named us the most ambitious title to launch thus far, a title we may be claiming for some time to come.

Google Daydream VR support is also in the works.

We're actively developing support for Google's new Daydream mobile-VR platform. Daydream is available for Google's new Pixel phones, as well as the Moto Z and perhaps some other phones in the near future. Please keep in mind that Daydream is not the same as Google's older Cardboard system; Daydream is much more advanced, and has much higher device requirements that are more compatible with the needs of Vendetta Online. Regardless of the VR platform you choose, we recommend a proper console-style bluetooth gamepad, such as those made by Moga, Razer, Nyko and Steel Series.

Major updates to Vendetta Online for iOS.

We launched a particularly significant update to Vendetta Online for iPad, recently. The changes include:

  • The Free To Play account model is now the default on iOS, all time limits removed.
  • iOS 10's Speech Recognition allows you to text-chat by voice.
  • MFi extended game controller support.
  • Text-to-Speech will read you mission updates.
  • The game now defaults to first-person.
  • 64bit support, iOS 10 now required, many other changes.

All of this is basically in preparation for releasing Vendetta Online for the iPhone, sometime in Q1 of 2017. This release has been a long time coming for iOS users, and we're happy to announce we're getting close. If you're interested in helping us by testing the game on your iPhone, please consider signing up for beta testing, we'll send you an email as soon as the iPhone version is ready to test.

Coming soon: Steam/SteamVR, the Oculus Rift store.

Some of the development in 2016 took longer than expected, but these PC platform launches are a critical part of our plans, and we expect to talking about them in the next newsletter.

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