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forstbite_skin alpha

Jun 17, 2007 drazed link
Only the hud is done... the PDA and station interface still needs work and is from ProtonZ's skin. Let me know what you think. =)

download the alpha now:

EDIT: yes, I used elements from spidey's icon pack for this skin =p
Jun 17, 2007 Lord~spidey link
hurrah my icon pack was useful wohooo
Jun 17, 2007 SuperMegaMynt link
Sexy. ~.^
Jun 17, 2007 drazed link
update, version 2 alpha =)
Jun 17, 2007 MSKanaka link
Nitpick: In the jump meter, you have the word "achtivate" written in GTS. It should be written as "aktivate" due to GTS' phonetic nature and the lack of a C in its alphabet.

Also, you might want to lose the [ITAN]-branded Valk in the rear radar. Even if they liked the concept, no self-respecting Serco would use this HUD. Then there's the fact that it kinda gives off the vibe of "you're gonna get ganked from behind by a bunch of [ITAN]".

Otherwise, it looks cool. The powerbars in particular are rather interesting.
Jun 17, 2007 drazed link
I updated the GTS (download skin, not sample images). Originally I used the gts from the wiki, the VO site is much nicer =)

As for the branding, this skin is still incomplete. All branding will be removed for final version, so no worries about getting ganked from behind by a bunch of [ITAN] ;) If anyone wants a different ship in the rear hud or their own guild emblem let me know ;)
Jun 17, 2007 mr bean link
great skin. way better than spideys in my opinion.
Jun 18, 2007 SilentWave link
Very useful radar graphics. Does it work out so the clear middle part of the front radar is what you can see in direct view? Looks that way.
Jun 18, 2007 toshiro link
Instead of losing the Valk, make a Scorching skin with a Prometheus... but that's just me. Not that I use skins.
Jun 18, 2007 SuperMegaMynt link
It makes sense that the Valk is on the rear radar, but shouldn't the Prom be on the front?
Jun 18, 2007 mr_spuck link
why do I keep reading the name as foreskin?
Jun 18, 2007 Ion link
This is extremely pretty. Thanks, drazed.

Though I must say I like the station interface. With another font colour than VO's default station font colour, it would work out very well.

I'm not as fond of the in-flight interface, with the obvious exception of the wonderful radar, powerbars and central hud elements. The chat and information boxes kind of contrast too much with the colours of deep space. A bit too bright, and a bit too emphasized. Perhaps these boxes could be made a little more transparent, and a little less... purple.

I'd like to see the black station interface used for the in-flight HUD. That would be interesting as well.

Well, regardless of which, thanks for a very pretty skin. Now, if we could only replace all static in-flight HUD information elements with GTS ("Cargo", "Faction", "Target", etc), then we could make our very own VO hardcore player skin ;-)
Jun 18, 2007 mr bean link
hehe forstbite

the leadoff indicator should still turn red in my opinion
Feb 24, 2008 fredasdfasdf link
couldn't you just remove the valk? and not put a prom???
Feb 24, 2008 fredasdfasdf link
couldn't you just remove the valk? and not put a prom???
Feb 24, 2008 drazed link
I gave up this project a while ago, as I don't think I'm very artistic =9 But people have requested this and the link was broken, so I fixed the link. Enjoy =)

Edit: if you want to get rid of the valk copy the hud_radar_left.png file overtop of the hud_radar_right.png file ;)