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How does Latos M7 run for you?

Mar 03, 2009 incarnate link
Breazle, you don't have any plugins installed, do you? You might try the above recommendations with a totally-fresh install of VO, if you use plugins.
Mar 03, 2009 blacknet link
From this thread I see a GREAT demand for some type of in game diagnostics on video settings and feedback.

Something that you can run and it will give you suggested settings for your hardware and performance ratings
Mar 03, 2009 roguelazer link mean like the auto-detected settings that are already done?
Mar 03, 2009 incarnate link
A proper benchmark is a complex thing to make. We could probably do it in a month, if we stopped doing everything else. And even that probably wouldn't help Breazle at all.

I would rather not clog up this thread with commentary. If there's something unrelated this thread reminds you of, please post about it somewhere else.
Mar 03, 2009 Touriaus link
I have a crappy machine with no graphics card (this machine that is)and a gig of ram and the settings are turned down low. It actually runs fine in terms of fighting with 4 or 5 people in the sector. It takes a while to load initially but after that it all seems to run just fine.
Mar 04, 2009 Breazle link
Ah ok.

The actual card is GeForce 7600 GT this was taken from nvidia control panel not the box, and yes it is a desktop not a notebook.
Driver version for the card is 182.08. Removed the config and wgaf and it defaulted to higher setting than i already had, so i dropped both scene level of detail and distance level of detail to 5 instead of 8, and it runs alot better now, getting fps around 120 and outside of M7 the usual 330.
Thanks for the help, i will see what happens when alot of people are in the sector.
Mar 04, 2009 incarnate link
Good to hear, please let us know how it goes. Also anyone else who does Nation War today, etc. Thanks.
Mar 04, 2009 Breazle link
well went to the nation war and it ran very smoothly didnt drop below 120. Thanks alot for the help!
Mar 08, 2009 missioncreek2 link
Ran a bus war in m7 last night. Excellent frame rate even on my 800 mhz g4. I think the next step for FF redux should be to turn off FF in sedina and odia.