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Duel stats calculation has been updated

Jan 04, 2010 incarnate link
We've updated how we calculate duel stats (to use a stepped "k factor" for those interest in that sort of thing). Basically, it should have been like this from the getgo. Due to the recent changes, I had Ray double check and it was less than ideal, so we've updated it for now.

We've recalculated the stats for everyone, so no one was excluded from this, it was done fairly across the board.. no grandfathering.

Players with ratings up to 1999 can significantly increase or decrease their ratings with any given win or loss. The volatility of their rating is fairly high (the same as it was previously for everyone, all the time).

Once a player hits 2000, the k factor is cut in half, and their volatility decreases (in both directions, it is slower to both gain and lose points).

After a player hits 2400, the k factor is cut in half again, further decreasing volatility.

This has been done in chess for decades, and is a means of keeping a more sane ranking: top-rated players are less drastic in their changes, but relative to one another are still comparable. New players are unknowns and highly volatile, but only within the lower echelons of the scoring. Additionally, it makes "rating inflation" happen a bit more slowly. Top-level players don't increase as quickly as lower end people, so the scores don't go into the moon immediately. We may yet need another separate k-factor for above 2600 or so, we'll see. For now, this is an improvement.

There are many ways of calculating these sorts of things, and this is all highly debatable. However, at least doing a simplistic cut to the k-factor with the rating was a simple and needed change for now.

Sorry to everyone who lost some points. You didn't lose a whole lot (except for Maalik, Ghost and Martin, who lost a little more but can probably handle it :).
Jan 04, 2010 mr_spuck link
Durn.. I guess that means I can't tank peoples rating anymore with my rare spurts of combat excellence.
Jan 04, 2010 incarnate link
Heh, you can still tank them, just not quite as much.
Jan 05, 2010 Lord~spidey link
shweet thanks this has long needed updating (the duel rating system)

argh thats like a 120 point nerf :/
Jan 05, 2010 Maalik link
The new numbers look ok. Infinitis still has a BS ranking though.
Jan 05, 2010 Infinitis link
Feel free to reset it to 1000. I did not care about numbers. We were having fun and /duel was just a way how to avoid FF protection.
Jan 05, 2010 Lord~spidey link
lol that's awesome.
Jan 05, 2010 Maalik link
Now I get about 7 points off someone with rank ~2000, 2 points off someone with rank ~1400. 2800 is going to take a while, especially as many people decline to fight on the record already... :P
Jan 06, 2010 LeberMac link
I'll fight ye anytime Maalik, but just remember last time we fought things didn't turn out so well for ya...

I will be happy to spur such a fine example of dueling mastery as yourself to that magical 2800 mark.
Jan 06, 2010 Lord~spidey link
maal don't lie you get 16 points off me and i was at 2214.
Jan 06, 2010 raybondo link
Duel calculation has once again been changed/updated. Players with a Combat license below level 4 no longer affect duel ratings. The duel ranking data has been recalculated to remove duel outcomes for duels that involve a player with a combat license below level 4.

So, the numbers went down a little again.

Players below level 4 combat can still duel, but their ranking doesn't change and their opponent's ranking doesn't change.
Jan 06, 2010 smittens link
I assume I'm not showing up on the duel page because my account isn't subbed, but is my duel ranking (on the page when you search "Smittens") updated with these new rules?

If so, I rule!
Jan 06, 2010 Whistler link
Not subbed? Pfft!
Jan 06, 2010 DivisionByZero link
I'd just like to point out that CHRN is the alpha and omega of duelling.

That is all.
Jan 06, 2010 incarnate link
Yet another update to duel computation. Some ratings deflated slightly, others increased a little (Maalik went up two points).

We're adding another "k" factor level to people who have ratings below 1000, and we're clamping the bottom of the stats to 900 (no matter how much you lose, you will stay at 900).

The intention here is to make dueling still potentially something cool for people who have lost a lot and want to make a comeback, so it isn't quite so bad as recovering from.. 500, or whatever.

On the flipside, since we're clamping to 900 at the bottom end, we don't want these people to be inordinately trivial to just duel over and over again by other players for their own gain (since their losing opponent won't drop beyond 900, so returns only diminish that far, allowing continual point gains). As a result, we're dropping the K for people who are greater than 1000 fighting people who are less than 1000 and win to one-half normal (the same k factor used for 2000-2399).

So, in other words, people under 1000 can still win and make a relatively quick comeback. People greater than 1000 don't risk nearly as much in fighting sub-1000 characters (their ranking won't fall as far if they lose), but don't have a lot to gain either. When both players are between 1000 and 1999, it's back to normal. If both players are under between 900 and 999, "k" is also normal.

The preferential-recovery situation only exists for those between 900 and 999. Also, we're removing people at 900 from the main duel ranking page (they'll still be in the individual listings). People greater than 900 will still be ranked, for now.
Jan 07, 2010 mr_spuck link
That stuff is getting pretty complicated.
Jan 07, 2010 DivisionByZero link
Jan 08, 2010 incarnate link
Jan 08, 2010 peytros link
uh wut?

why don't we just take into account all pks and deaths and say that is your raiting and be done with it. Battle clinic has a nice system even though its 3rd party and is very complicated but makes sense based on levels and ship type. While this I have no idea whats going on 900 1000 level clamps and other stuff.
Jan 08, 2010 ladron link
Incarnate, DBZ was referring to the fact that he was famous for having the lowest duel rating :p