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Vendetta 1.8.162

Jan 15, 2011 CrazySpence link
*** Vendetta 1.8.162
- Queens will now rarely drop the Queen Gatling Cannon.
- 15 new missions from Phaserlight, winner of the holiday PCC Mission
- Windows Vista/7 audio system now supports 5.1 audio setups.
- Key ramping is now off by default. This only affects new installs,
it does not change your current setting.
- Added Guild Voice Chat. Guild members are automatically joined to the
Guild Voice Chat channel when they log in. If you join a group, the
Group Voice Chat will be active. You can toggle between Guild and
Group Voice Chat using the /voicechattoggle command.
- Android updater no longer keeps the screen on while downloading, saving
battery life.
Jan 15, 2011 tarenty link
Hooray! Awesome update.
Jan 15, 2011 space999999 link
Great update!
Jan 16, 2011 pirren link
Awesome update! Thx devs!
Jan 16, 2011 davejohn link
Aye, good progress.
Jan 16, 2011 space999999 link
Well, Nahin, I can edit my posts, too!
Jan 16, 2011 davejohn link
TGFT tested the guild vc functions, seems to work very well. My only criticism is that you have to manually switch back to guild vc when a group mission such as a voy completes.

The audio quality is excellent.
Jan 16, 2011 ShankTank link
Yes, the audio quality is superb. I wish more games used whatever TS thing VO is using right now :P