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Vendetta 1.8.176

Apr 16, 2011 Eonis Jannar link
- Prototype player-owned capship is now constructible through a series of missions.
- New versioning system for plugins and interface replacements. See the PCC Lua Forum for more information.
- Added Capship Access Key dialog when launching from a station with a capship for the first time. There's a time limit of 1 minute to choose an access key before a new one is automatically generated. Once a capship access key is chosen, it cannot be changed and will apply to all your capships. This is subject to change in the future.
- Unknown binds no longer get deleted from the wgaf.cfg when the game exits.
Apr 16, 2011 Eonis Jannar link
- Pigs now fly, and Hell's temperature has been drastically reduced.
Apr 16, 2011 incarnate link
I am very tired, here are condensed facts:


- Construction uses crafting missions spread across all three conquerable stations, for now. Yes, I know this irritates some people, but it is what it is for the moment. This is just a first draft.
- The final construction happens at the Latos Shipyards.
- You gain access to the location of the Latos Shipyards through the Reactor crafting mission. Mission completion sets an accomplishment, which then gives you a waypoint leading to the docking bays on the Latos Shipyards.

The player Trident Type Ms have:

- No shields (yet)
- No automated turrets (yet)
- Yes, more cargo space than the NPC Trident, but all stats are subject to tweaking and change.
- A limit of up to four users may dock with it.

The only constructable capship at present is the "Trident Type M", which is based on the Milanar Components. Sorry to people who built the other ones.. they will be useful too, I just didn't have time to do all three at once. The Milanar/Siepos/Prosus Tridents will each have different trade-offs.

We are working on an "insurance" mission, that will let you re-buy the capship you've already constructed, for a flat fee (currently 500,000 credits), if it has been destroyed. This mission is not yet online. I don't have all the mechanics yet that I need to make it. However, the fundamental accomplishments are being set when you construct the ship, so when it does become available, you will have the option.

The process of constructing this thing is pretty arduous. But then, I'm only expecting people to go through it once for any given ship, right now. I also expect to re-use some of the constructed components across other, future capships (and potentially stations, etc).

The ship is only owned by "one person" at present, as it is handled like a traditional fighter, so it can only be launched/docked/flown by the person who does the final manufacturing mission. But, there is a key system for the docking bays. We will look to expand general piloting of the ship to include keys there as well.
Apr 16, 2011 JJDane link
I'm told Beelzebub is now odds-on favourite for this year's slalom championship

Seriously nice update
Apr 16, 2011 zkbarbarian link
Just for clairification:

There is one mission for Internal Bulkhead Assembly, the first require items are 5 Internal Bulkhead Assemblys. How exactly do I make something, if I need the same item I am trying to make?

Just curious.
Apr 16, 2011 incarnate link
zkbarbarian: thanks, that is now fixed and should be already updated on the production server. I got my bulkhead items confused. It was supposed to be five Reinforced Bulkheads. Too many missions, late night release..
Apr 16, 2011 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Dang, I was hoping for a 'Recursive Bulkhead Assembly' mission.

Also, not to be completely snarky, but we're still at 'porcine jumping; hell bought a new oscillating fan' level. At this stage, it's a gigantic behemoth with a docking bay. Not so exciting.

I won't acknowledge porcine flight nor frozen demons until the following:
- Shields work
- Automated turrets work
- Planned interface is devised
- Capships fill a role that can't be filled with fighters

But this is a lot of good progress so far! Good work!

I haven't done the crafting missions (yet?), so I can't really say for certain, but it's rather difficult to find the actual entrance docks on your own. This may be by design, but an easy way to visually distinguish between entrance and exit docks would be nice. Something like the blue fields we have for smaller stations?

Then again, maybe not all the docks are...really docks? I haven't actually undocked from Latos M-7 to test my "boy, these must be exits" theory yet.

Also, 500k seems like a really, really low price to replace a capital ship- even if it is a Trident. Is Corvus running a charity here? A price point of something like at least 10x where it is now seems like it would be more appropriate, especially considering that you don't have to redo all the legwork in manufabbing a new ship.

See PCC forum for plugin versioning comments!
Apr 16, 2011 PaladinOfLancelot link

[[[- No automated turrets (yet)]]]

I'm happy to hear you are implementing my "Allow capship commander to target all turrets with minimum targetting" suggestion.

I was telling everyone that it is simply stupid & unrealistic to have (cap)ships which always need a gunner for every turret, even though Vendetta's world has very sophisticated computers which could steer/target turrets with easy, yet nobody was listening...

Perhaps it could also be implemented for all ships which have turrets, not capships only ?
Apr 16, 2011 Phaserlight link
Awesome, devs.
Apr 16, 2011 upper case link
So when can we fly cap ships?


Apr 16, 2011 Pizzasgood link
Hehehe, force of habit eh?

Do they only dock with the M-7 station or can you squeeze enough of their head/wing into a normal docking bay to dock 'em elsewhere? Also, I'm guessing that there isn't a method yet to transfer goods from a docked ship's hold into the trident's hold? So loading it up has to be done either in station or via cargo-bumping?

(I have been known to employ players to move things around for me, so the Trident's functionality as a cargo ship interests me.)
Apr 16, 2011 slime73 link
Tridents were able to dock at most other stations last time I checked, but it was a little tricky.
Apr 16, 2011 Alloh link

Thanks, Domo Arigato, Obrigado, Merci...
Let's work on it until it works flawless.
Instead of "ship slots" in storage bay, relate its size with docking ship size, 100cu for lights. So a 900cu bay holds 9 light fighters, 3 bombers or 2 moths.

Yes, Tridents were larger moths with shields. So implementation is perfect. The smallest multi-crew ship with docking bay.

Relax... auto-turrets was requested before that, as using own turrets. Once it is implemented for tridents, backport to other ships would be trivial.

-Keyed pilots results in used ship sales. Good step. Build a new ship, assign new key, give key to buyer, drop key. Sold!

-Variations of Trident:
--Freighter: no shields, autoturrets, 4 docking slots, largest storage bay.
--Carrier: Shields, manual turrets, 16 docking slots, smallest docking bay
--Flagship: Shields, autoturrets, 6 docking slots, small storage bay

and again, GREAT WORK (in progress), Inc and GS
Apr 16, 2011 davejohn link
Good progress.
Apr 16, 2011 missioncreek2 link

Vendetta community: Please report on who built the first Trident, and the most useful application of of the new Tridents.
Apr 16, 2011 space999999 link
Seriously? We need to have samo for the reactors?
Apr 16, 2011 Lord~spidey link
Congrats! VO's starting to take real shape and showing its true potential.

I missed zee update but soon I will be back home on my deskbox and you'll at last witness Spidey's sexy party trident come partying through greyspace.
Apr 16, 2011 meridian link
I haven't been able to dock at the Latos M-7 station. I tried 22 different ports (which I think is all of them), but I never got the "press activate to dock message".

And it seems skirmish bots are going into the ports and getting stuck at then end of them.
Apr 16, 2011 incarnate link
Hey all, a few responses:

- We're working on having fighters docked to the capships be limited based on their actual size and hanger limitations, as opposed to the number of pilots. There is actually a codepath for this that has been in the works for awhile, but there was no possible way to get it done in time for last night. But, we could do a simple "player limit", so I went with that for the short term.

- Scuba Steve: You're basically not supposed to be able to find the M7 station at all, until you complete the Reactor manufacturing mission. At that point you receive a radar waypoint that brings you to within a few hundred meters of the docking bays. You still have to hunt around a little, but not much. All of this, of course, is subject to change and improvement down the road.

- Yes, 500,000 credits for replacement may be insanely cheap. I'm aware. All of this is fluid and subject to change, like I said. However, I'm looking at maybe having the cost ramp up with the number of tridents replaced.

- Pizzasgood: at the prototype stage, the only intentionally-dockable station will be the M7 shipyards (your mileage may vary with trying to jam one into a regular bay). We'll broaden this as the "big station" assets are refined, and also look at more flexibility for transferring goods between a docked ship and a capship cargo hold. I'm thinking seriously large capship docks may be only at a minority of stations, maybe a few dozen at most, with outlying areas requiring other methods of transfer. Not unlike the ports in reality, only a fraction of sea-side locations can actually handle large ships.

- Turrets/Shields: there are some technical reasons for why these don't work, due to how the capship control mechanics were originally envisioned, and how the NPCs were implemented. We will work on bringing this to the player capships. Another missing thing is the fact that player turrets are not destructable. I would like player ships to be at least a 1:1 compared to NPCs, but there's going to be some development time involved in making that happen, and again, this capship implementation was intended to be the fastest possible release, even with only simplified capabilities, per the userbase request. So, we'll expand on all of this, moving forward.

- Use cases: One possibility includes acting as a "mothership" for multiple miners.

- First-draft only, work is ongoing: Obviously, there are a lot of things we want to add, a lot of functionality to expand and improve.. some of which is already obvious, and other use cases will probably become obvious and suggested as the userbase starts to play with these things. This is only the first step, the first draft, a way of getting it "out there" into the universe and give us some mechanics to work with, while keeping the acquisition bar high enough that we (the developers) don't have to deal with 298439282 player capships motoring around right off the bat, reducing the possibility for wide-spread brokenness if there are unforeseen problems or ramifications.

- [EDIT] Addendum: Samoflange still drops from all three Levis. However, the 1-in-50 drop rate is a bit unreasonably low if it's going to be a component of Reactors. I'll increase the drop rate on Monday.
Apr 16, 2011 slime73 link
Meridian: those are the launch bays.