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Mar 20, 2013 KatoZee link
/me wonders why people talk like this

/me confused how thread seeking to aide android players would be classed as roleplay

/me thinks tarenty response is witty and much appreciated (^^,)

In anycase here is something that I would class as vital for android users to implement to improve overall experience.

Help for androids. In order to achieve some measure of combat prowess users will need to download droid buttons. The one key item I would recommend placing would be a strafe field sensor.

Here we can see what my gui looks like when you type /db in a chat window

Lets create a strafe field... Click add and I you will see. Screen like this, transpose the information onto yours

Now click definition and click advance *never use basic touch to place, it will cause game crash 100% of the time creator is working to resolve issue* you will see the following information, transpose onto yours

Click save and close, if done correctly it should have created a strafe sensor over the left radar map which wont be too visable that will allow you eight way strafing and reduce screen clutter.

I am working on a more sensitive movement field and will post a similar thread when i have worked out the bugs.
Mar 20, 2013 abortretryfail link
Yep, bad strafing is what gets you killed on Android. The default arrows are mostly useless. Neat idea putting the field over the radar, though it kind of makes it so you can't see anyone on radar while strafing. (My thumb covers the whole scope and then some...)
Mar 20, 2013 DarkTowerGamer link
If your looking for guinea pigs in testing phone aspects, please inform me. I will be happy to help. The problem will be getting my attention amongst so much data. I can provide email for those of you who do not have access to player acc info. Once you have my attention though, you have it indefinitely. Hope this helps.
Mar 20, 2013 DarkTowerGamer link
Also, thanks to whoever you were who refered me to the strafe sensor. I finally found it. Will/might post again after extensive testing.
Mar 20, 2013 incarnate link
Patch going out tonight that makes new "left arrows" config default to strafing analog region. It's still graphically identical, just has a region now, underneath turbo/fire/etc.

Strafe controls also "stretch" off the region with continuous touches, like with the right steering area.

I think it's a lot better, I just hope it doesn't confuse newbies or anything.

[EDIT] For some, unforeseen reason, we lost F/A "reverse" with the new control. Something that will have to be fixed.
Mar 21, 2013 KatoZee link
DarkTowerGamer ill assume that your pseudo name is The Wanderer... No worries I am trying to help though I must remember to post a review on Google store that you will be able to compete if playing on a mobile device. Though I will need to recheck something first. Been trying a different control scheme that has had adverse affects on my combat ability. Be a bad idea to post a review until I can solidify my research, be like false advertising. Come and compete though hold on still working that part out.

Incarnate thank you for you post regarding the update. When I referred to the possibility of having swipe throttle controls I did not realise there was a touch to target option that would affect this. Whilst I would not use it over targetless I know it would be greatly appreciated by the mining community.

With regards to the update regarding the strafe sensor, I'm not sure on my thoughts. It does provide a greater fluidity for the x axis of strafe and granted with a bit of practice you could technically achieve an eight way strafe when combining it with key rolls. Though requires a rather high level of combat ability to pull off naturally, additionally when I tried using it the sensor then manipulated the speed of the ship to the point I ressembled a new driver kangarooing there car for a driving test.

I will have another try of it later tonight though I would still push for the up down to be y axis strafe as well. I will ponder on a concept for throttle controls some more and post an image of something that might be of interest.
Mar 21, 2013 KatoZee link
Would this be of benefit or would the logistics create to much of an issue incarnate?

Lets not get carried away with my mad graphical editing skills (^^,)

The red lines just to remove confusion from my other droid buttons. Yes I appreciate the hud has had a graphic update, though the concept remains the same.

Two fire buttons on the left and the chat stuff is what you would see from a long press. With a full stafe on the left and it still keeps all the defaults, just changes there locations and the size of the stop button understandably.
Apr 04, 2013 KatoZee link
Just thought I would mention I will be away till June due to work constraints and the nature of my work doesn't afford me the resources or suitable internet connection to play off my phone. I would encourage any other phone chaos to keep this alive to help benefit each other, besides I would think pc players would be more appreciative of targets that made PvP challenging rather than giving up.

I will be back later to continue the controversy in June. (^^,)