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"User Definable Chat Colors"

Oct 16, 2004 roguelazer link
What are the parameters for this?
Oct 16, 2004 a1k0n link
in config.ini, under your character name's heading, i.e.


(i'm not sure why this is per-character.. shouldn't there also be a default?)
Oct 16, 2004 raybondo link
Not having the value there makes it use the default color.
There should be a chatcolors.default but I didn't add that one.
There's some system messages that are not definable either.
Oct 16, 2004 paedric link
Oct 17, 2004 toshiro link
You mean you don't know the hex colors by heart? Shame!

I guess there will be a way to change that in-game in time?
Oct 17, 2004 Renegade ++RIP++ link
shouldnt be that hard...

considering we can already choose the colors from part of the ship. prolly just copy paste that code within the options pagecode.
Oct 17, 2004 paedric link
Been playing around with this and found that not all colors are supported. I've tried some purples and they show up as either appear cyan or green. Can we get a list of functional colors sometime Soon™?
Oct 17, 2004 raybondo link
all hexcodes should work.
What is an example of a code that doesn't work?
Oct 17, 2004 Tyrdium link
216 web-safe colors only, or all 16.7 million available using hex codes?
Oct 17, 2004 panic link
I'm assuming 16777216 colors, since there would be no reason to limit it.
Oct 17, 2004 roguelazer link
Why can't I cahnge it so that different nations have different colors in channel chat?
Oct 17, 2004 raybondo link
I'm getting to that.
Oct 18, 2004 paedric link
It isn't that they don't work so much as they do not register as the correct colors. I tried CC99FF for active and CC00FF for inactive. I got the codes from The first appears as cyan in game while the second appears green in game. I'm using the DirectX driver. I haven't tried it under OpenGL yet. I'll play around with it some more tonight.
Oct 18, 2004 raybondo link
I just tried it and it worked fine:


as an example
Oct 18, 2004 paedric link
I'm sorry but this is just not working for me. I've tried multiple colors and they come out wrong in game.

chatcolors.activechannel= FFFF00
chatcolors.inactivechannel= FF0000

chatcolors.activechannel= CC99FF
chatcolors.inactivechannel= CC00FF

chatcolors.activechannel= FFCCFF
chatcolors.inactivechannel= FF0000

Apparently, I am missing something fundamental here. In each of the above examples, the active channel is cyan, the inactive is green. Screenshots can be sent to you upon request. I even copy/pasted a1k0n's example and changed the approriate settings with no change in the results. I have tried both DirectX and OpenGL with no change.
Oct 18, 2004 a1k0n link
It's the spaces after the =. It doesn't parse them properly, so remove them for now.
Oct 18, 2004 paedric link
You just edited your post, didn't you a1k0n? :-O

Thanks for the explanation a1k0n. I tried it without the spaces and it is functional. At least I don't feel *so* stupid now. :-)

It would be nice if there was a universal configuration so that this didn't need to be done on a per character basis.
Oct 19, 2004 paedric link
Thanks for making the configuration universal to the account Devs. :-)
Aug 09, 2005 macguy link
Hey does this still work?
Aug 09, 2005 Beolach link
Try it & see.