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Oh No!

Aug 26, 2007 smittens link
Smittens put in the last screw on his new un-breakable case, inside which was kept his pride and joy- the brand new Itan Tracker. He stared fondly at the ugly box for a few moments, knowing nothing could get through the case (except, of course, Itan's Super-Duper Technology-Copier), and thus ItanTrack would be kept safe for guild-use only.

The tracker was pretty cool. With the hit of a button, any Itaner could report the sighting of a pirate, serco, or any other person they saw, and then with a quick voice query that Itaner (or any other) could find out where a certain pilot was last seen.

As he turned away happily to get back in his Valk, he heard a noise from a nearby room. Pulling out his very threatening flashlight, Smittens tip-toed up to the entrance of the room the noise had come from--Itan's "Awesome Tech" room. Smittens jumped into the room, brandishing the flashlight, and shined it all around. Everything was safe...except...

With a gasp, Smittens saw the shattered glass and empty case that held the Super-Duper Technology-Copier. It was gone!

"But it's not that bad..." Smittens thought to himself. Itan had other versions of the SDTC, and every piece of important technology they owned had copy-protection on it. Well, every piece except one...

With a terrible feeling, Smittens ran back to where he had just put the finishing touches on his ItanTrack case. Sure enough, green dust littered the once-clean case, the only markings left by the SDTC. Trying not to panic, Smittens bent down and examined the dust, rubbing it between his fingers. It was then he noticed a small piece of paper a few feet away, in the path towards the station's docks. He ran over and picked it up, only to find one of his Limited Edition stationary memo-notes. Such waste could only be attributed to one person.

I've copied your tracker, and I intend to set up a database with FiReMaGe (because he's awesome) so that everyone in the universe can have access!


Smittens crushed the note in his hand, and glared out the window at the blackness of space. Though it could've been his imagination, he thought he saw the thrust of an atlas turbo-ing away towards Odia M14...