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167 th Nation War

Apr 12, 2009 davejohn link
An excellent 167 th Nation War; a very good turnout with some newer players joining in.

Please note that swarms and Lmines are banned from NWs due to lag problems, but that the latter are under review. Oh, and Biocom mines are too... and don't even think about bringing a pet Furie.

Please note that folk coming back to watch should be in an EC class ship, and stay 2000m from the action using zoom to watch. If you come back in anything else it makes it very difficult for the host to work out what is going on, and in extreme circumstances may lead to the disqualification of your team.

May I ask all players to stay close to their nation group and remain relatively stationary at the start, makes it easier for me to record names .

The Itanis:
Big Rat

The Sercos:
Da Gu
Folks Dokaris
Solra Bizna
Furor Poeticus
Star Buck
Blitzkrieg Bob
Lars Marona

The Grey/pirate team: (Native KOS will be strictly adhered to from now on)

The UIT:
John Eldritch
Wild Gramps
Nate Gunman
Faustino Bashkir

Cinematographer : yodaofborg

A great NW with lots of excellent combat action. The Itani team engaged Serco from the off, with lots of engagements developing throughout the roid field. Good flying was displayed all round, folk spreading out to try not to damage team mates with FF . Folks hung on well for the Serco, but a good win to UIT.

The four surviving UIT team members, Ecka, Vaazuvius, marcuse and Faustino Bashkir split the 20 million cr prize.

The NW prize is sponsored jointly by TGFT, CLM, M.Wittman, Waldoze, Tworivers, John Eldritch, Blitzkreig Bob, Pickaxe Pete, Wild Gramps, Jestasis Bess, ITAN and Tohasandra Chi.

The wins: (Thanks RentaGhost)

Itani 55
Serco 30
UIT 68
Grey 7

My Thanks to all the newer players that joined in , practice and kill me next time ;-)

Same time , same place next week

Apr 12, 2009 Sraer link
Yay UIT! I will be at Wednesday's for sure!
Apr 12, 2009 yodaofborg link

Will take a while to process.
Apr 13, 2009 Ghost link
GFs all. UIT picked us all apart.
Apr 13, 2009 Sraer link
Good vid, but I think youtube needs to work on better vid quality.
Apr 13, 2009 yodaofborg link
Probably. I'd put the original video file on the net somewhere, but it's a massive 19GB, so needed "some" compression even before youtube got their mitts on it.
Apr 13, 2009 Tohiwa link
If you watch it in HQ and fullscreen on youtube it was not so bad. You could actually read the target names and the chat.
Apr 20, 2009 Lord~spidey link
Hey i gave you 10 mill to add to the pot(might have been 5 i forgot)