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News Conference by TPG Director of Security and Operations

Jul 23, 2023 Luxen link
[The conference takes place in a well-lit room, with the TPG logo displayed prominently in the background. The TPG Director of Security and Operations stands confidently at the podium, flanked by a few security personnel. The room is filled with reporters and attendees eager to hear about the recent events.]

TPG Director of Security and Operations: "Good day, esteemed members of the press, honored guests, and fellow citizens of the galaxy. Today, we gather here to address an extraordinary incident that has unfolded in the depths of space. As you are aware, TPG has recently fallen victim to a daring heist that involved sensitive military data. What we thought was a mundane transport mission of this data turned out to be a challenge that has tested our preparedness and security measures."

"However, amid the chaos and unexpected turn of events, a lone pilot emerged as our ray of hope, the one who defied all odds and took it upon themselves to safeguard TPG's interests. I am here to extend our deepest gratitude to the daring and resourceful pilot known as Hawkfeather. While we did not directly hire them, their reputation as a capable and accomplished pirate did not go unnoticed. It was clear that Hawkfeather was not one to shy away from a challenge and when faced with the opportunity to defend our shipment, they rose to the occasion. Their actions have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. With no obligation to do so, they chose to protect TPG's interests and the sensitive data onboard that vessel. Their dedication, tenacity, and combat prowess kept our adversaries at bay and prevented the unauthorized access to our military information. In doing so, they have earned our respect and admiration."

"This despicable VaultRaid incident has revealed vulnerabilities in our security protocols, and we are committed to learning from this experience. While we cannot disclose the specifics of our ongoing security enhancements, rest assured that TPG is taking this matter seriously and bolstering our defenses to prevent such incidents in the future. As we move forward, TPG will continue to explore new measures to safeguard our assets and ensure the security of our operations. We stand united with the entire spacefaring community in upholding safety and integrity. Our special thanks go out to Hawkfeather for reminding us that strength lies not just in resources but also in the spirit of those willing to defend what is right."

"In closing, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Hawkfeather for their exceptional service and to all of you for joining us in this moment. Together, we shall forge a safer and more prosperous future in the boundless expanse of space. Thank you."
Jul 27, 2023 DeathSpores link
Death to TPG!
Jul 28, 2023 Lord~spidey link
They really like to push paperwork around but at least they get shit done...

* Shakes his fist in the air and mutters some expletives directed at the grand Itani council regarding rules of engagement and sanctions on collecting Serco corpses *