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Aeolus Training Unit Melee

Aug 08, 2023 Phaserlight link
Aeolus Training Unit Melee is currently in hibernation

- Hold and score with a special Aeolus Training Unit (1cu) inside an asteroid sphere
- Find the Unit and keep it away from other pilots during the 8 minute round
- You must stay within the asteroid sphere, but you may return if you are destroyed
- Only fighter ships with an empty cargo hold are allowed
- At the end of the 8 minute round, a 2 minute goal window opens
- Bring the Unit within scanning distance (1km) of the event organizer during the goal window to score
- If you score, you win the round earning 1,000 Combat xp, 3 million credits, and a place on the leaderboard
- There are 3 rounds


Cro Estala - 3
Itani Silencer - 3
FrozenHell - 2
incubus-dreams - 2
Fomir Ona - 1


Cro Estala scored in round 1
FrozenHell scored in round 2
Cro Estala scored in round 3


Cro Estala scored in round 1
Fomir Ona scored in round 3


Itani Silencer scored in rounds 1, 2, and 3


FrozenHell scored in round 1
incubus-dreams scored in round 2
incubus-dreams scored in round 3